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   Chapter 35 No.35

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 12070

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His hold on my hand is telling me he is pissed beyond his limits.

I don't want history to repeat itself. I don't want him to take again something precious from me forcefully.

He was making his hold strong on my wrist.

I will again have those ugly brush on my wrist.

"Zanvil where are you taking me, " I asked while struggling to his grip. He turned his head and gave me his hard gaze saying shut up. I gulped at his look.

It's better if I keep quiet.

I'm afraid because of his behavior. Did he hear our conversation? I was in relief till now knowing that he didn't know who was with me on that day. But I'm afraid after today's incident. What if he does something rash with the sky and it leads to breaking my good friendship with the sky.

I don't want to lose him.

Because of this idiot devil, I have very few friends. I don't want its number to decrease.

On my way, Nina stopped us. Devil growled in anger because of interruption. I thanked her mentally. I wished she would save me from this devil. But she just handed me my clutch and went somewhere in a hurry. Which I left to her before going to the restroom.

God, please save me from this devil.

He took me to his room.

Last time I was here it was the worst day of my life and now today I don't know what will happen to me. He pushed me inside and locked the room and it leads me to stumble on my feet. He stood in front of me with his hands in his pocket.

"Was he your restroom?" he asked me while looking at me from head to toe in a dangerous but calm tone. "I should have known this before. Sorry for my lame question, " he asked the question and answer it to himself in his a calm tone.

"Did you enjoyed your sweet time?" he asks me as hotel receptionist asked the customer at the time of check out in a calm tone. I was just staring at him. "Yeah, I fought to ask a most important question. Did I ruin your lovely sweet get together?" again in a calm tone.

"Yes, I'm sure I did interrupt your close embracing section. I'm sorry for that" he said in the same tone.

He has never ever said sorry for anything. What is he trying to prove by saying it now?

He took one step in my direction and I involuntarily took one step backward. At my actions, he just smiled at me.

God, he is scaring me.

I was just staring at his face in disbelief. Which was not showing any anger but concern that if I enjoyed my time with Sky and he was sorry for his interpretation.

I'm having a bad feeling about this. Should I run from here before he does something bad to me?

"Did you forget love. I know each and every corner of this house and there is no such place where you can hide from me" he said it like he knew what I was planning and then smiled sweetly at me. I gulped at his words. "Where is your cell phone, " he asked me in the same tone as he genuinely wants to know.

"ln, my clutch" I replied him in Small voice taking it out to show him. There were ten missed calls from him.

I'm doomed.

"Good give it to me, " he said while removing his one hand from his pocket to take it.

Why he wants it?

But still, I handed it to him. I don't want him to take it forcefully from me.

He will give me back after he looks at it.

"Nice phone, " he said while examining it.

"Do you always keep it away from you when I call or text you?" he asked calmly.

"No" I replied in a small voice.

"So you purposely ignoring my all text and calls right, " he asked still examining my phone.

"No it's not like..." he interrupted me.

"But it seems like that you tend to ignore only me, " he said calm

fter making a hard effort to speak.

He is paralyzing my body.

"Shhh love be a good student and try to learn as much as you can learn from today's session, " he said pining my hands on either side of my head and he bites on my collarbone. I wailed in pain but soon that pain turned in pleasure when his tongue played his magic.

What does he mean by today's session is he going to do this again with me. Is he going to make me feel weak like this again? My body is burning like I have a fever.

His lips went to my half-exposed chest. He prests soft kiss on there. My body jolted in foreign sensation and I tried to move but his command made my body to go paralyzed again. "Don't resist me" he growled at me and he bites me again. I wailed in a foreign sensation again.

"Hmm your skin is so soft love, " he said still kiss in the south direction my face is red than any red thing existed in this world.

I closed my eyes getting afraid of this new feeling in me. I could only hear my heavy breathing in the room. My breath hitched when his hand moved to slit on my dress from there to my bare leg. His hand was caressing my bare leg it was causing a tickling sensation in my stomach and then he started moving his hands upwards going in a direction causing my breath to stop in my throat. "Z...Zanvil, " I said breathlessly to stop him but it sounds like a moan. He pressed his lips on mine asking for entrance.

How long I'm going to resist to kiss him back. I have never kissed him back until now. I can't do it anymore.

It was like my body was not in my control. I was about to give in when we both heard a loud knock on the door. I flinched and tried to get away from his hold but he didn't make any effort to lift himself up from me instead he was still kissing me.

We again heard knock he growled and shouted. "Whoever is there get lost".

"Zan can you come outside it is very important" we heard Sky's panic voice. Zanvil gave me a hard look with clenched teeth and went to open the door.

Does he think I told him to come here? How can a person change in such a short time?

He half opened the door "What do you want" he growled at him.

"Zan uncle, " he said and stopped without completing his sentence. I immediately lifted my body up from bed putting my one hand on my chest to support my dress from completely falling it down.

What happened to him. Let him be OK...

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