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   Chapter 34 No.34

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 11134

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Someone's hand landed on my waist I was about to scream when a large hand came on my mouth covering it. The person dragged me somewhere.

Who is he?

I tried to free myself but his grip was strong on me. I want to scream.

Who is he and where the hell he is taking me?

We were a little bit away from the hall entrance.

I need to run away from my kidnapper.

His hold was still strong on me. "hmmmmmm" I tried to scream. But my screaming sound was not even audible for me. I struggle to get free.

Getting annoyed I stamped on his feet with my four-inch heel. He immediately released me. "Bloody hell Jane why are you wearing such pointy heel" he half yelled at me.

"Skyler, " I said in disbelief.

"Look you broke my toe. I will be now toeless. How will it go with this handsome face" he said it while pointing his face and started examining his toe. Anger roused in me I slapped him on his arm. "Ouch, " he said while rubbing his hand where I slapped him. "Women are you trying to make me a handicap, " he said to me in his angry voice.

"It's all your fault. Who told you to play such a stupid prank on me. I was so afraid" I said in anger.

"I was bored so I was just trying to mess with you. I didn't know that you have become so wild" he said Checkley smiling at me and still rubbing his arm. Listening to his words it made my blood boiled like anything.

He was bored that's why he played that stupid prank on me.

"Skyler runs if you don't want to see your head bleeding, " I said with clenched jaw while searching for something to throw on his head.

Hearing my words his eyes widened "No Jane your not serious" he said in disbelief.

I found vase on the nearby table taking it I said "Never was till now" I devilishly smirking at him.

"No Jane" he tried to run.

"You know I'm so bored I want to mess with you, " I said in his tone and threw a vase at him but he caught it.

"You missed it, " he said while smirking at me and it made me angrier. I ran behind him to slap him with my hands. I won't miss with them but he caught my hands.

He was laughing at my attempt to free me "You are going to regret when my hand meets with your stupid smirking face" I said in anger. It made him laugh harder.

"Calm down tigress I'm sorry, " he said to me.

"No your not. You are still smiling at me" I said in annoyance.

"I'm smiling because you always make me smile, " he said while wrapping his hands on my waist my hands were fisted on his hard chest. We were standing so close to each other. His touch doesn't affect me like Zanvil. He was staring at my face "Can I ask you something" he asked me.

"From when you needed my permission to ask me something, " I said to him while looking at his face.

"Yes you are right but l still want your permission, " he said in low voice.

"Yes, you can" I replied to him.

What does he want to ask me?

"When I proposed you two and a half years ago why you did not accept it, " he asked me with a serious tone.

Why is he asking me that now? I don't want to break his heart. I don't want to lose my very good friend.

I started breathing heavily remembering about that day.

It was a day when Skyler was going back. And that day Zanvil came back from his small vacation with his friends because he was leaving to study abroad the nex

st look he left my room closing my door with a loud thud.

I was not able to move my body because I was still feeling his heaviness on me. My whole body was burning like I had a fever. Curling my body in the fetus position. I cried my heart out.

Next day he left. He never talked with me after that day till the day when he came back home. I also never made an attempt to talk to him. But that day fear was set in my mind if he sees me with any other men he will again behave like this with me. The memory of that day still brings shiver run through my spine.

It was a day when he took my first kiss harshly from me forcefully.

"It's ok Jane you don't have to feel guilty, " Skyler said while breaking our hug. He wiped tears from my face with his fingers and cupping my cheeks he smiled sweetly at me.

His one question brought a rollercoaster of emotions in me.

My tears were not stopping from flowing. He again hugged me to console me. I hugged him back.

"Am I ruining yours sweet get together" my body parted from Skyler in shock hearing familiar demanding an angry voice. He was staring at mine and Skyler's half parted body's with a clenched jaw.

I immediately moved away from him. Colour from my face was a drain.

Did he hear our conversation?

My body was burning in his intense gaze. He moved in my direction. He eyed Skyler in anger. "If your lovely get together is over can I take what's mine from you, " he said calmly but in his cold voice while looking in Skyler's eyes.

Skyler stiffens at his words but he was not afraid of Zanvil's interesting voice. He nodded at him. He is talking to him calmly but this calmness is going to bring storm in my life. Zanvil took my hand making his grip strong on me he started taking me. I don't know were.

I turned my head to look at Skyler he mouthed at me. "What is his problem."

I know what is his problem but I can't tell him.

I just smiled at him and mouthed "Nothing is wrong don't worry" but the color from my face was drained a long time ago.

His hold on my hand is telling me he is pissed beyond his limits.

I don't want history to repeat itself. I don't want him to take again something precious from me forcefully...

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