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   Chapter 33 No.33

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We all were sitting in my room. "How's life, " I asked Sky in anticipation.

"Hmm good" he replied happily. "But I'm disappointed with you. Why did you choose that idiot over me? You know I was better choices than him" he exclaimed at me with a smirk. Nina and I both laugh at his reaction to my marriage situation.

"Stop bitching about your cousin if he hears you he will kick your ass, " I said to him while laughing.

Skylar is Zanvil's only cousin. They both are of the same age. They grew up together till the age of fourteen. Until Zanvil's uncle moved to another country for their business expansion but their personality is like sky and ground.

Zanvil is devil were as, on the other hand, Skylar is the sweet, funny and notorious person I know till now. He uses to come in his vacations to New York. And that's how it explains how he became friends with me and Nina. We are like besties. We use to hang out a lot.

Zanvil was so mad when I use to hang out with Skylar. Now I know why he was mad at me. He already thought that his mom and dad love me more than him. And when Skylar came he became friend with me. He uses to hang out with me more than him. He thinks I took his brother too. Zanvil loves Skylar like his own brother, Skylar loves him too. I sigh in disappointment.

"Jane have you changed the party" I was snapped out of my thoughts from Nina's stunning voice.

"What.. What are you talking, " I asked her in confusion.

"Why are you taking the site of that ass Adam's, " Nina asked me.

"Yes, I see that too. You are behaving like a protective wife" he said to me with suspicion.

"What are you guys talking about, " I asked them while laughing.

"I can't believe it. That you are the one who is telling us that we should stop bitching about Zanvil. Are you not well" Nina asked me while checking my forehead with her palm to check if I have a fever.

"I'm totally fine nothing is wrong with me, " I said to her.

"Did you forget it was your favorite thing in this world to bitch about that stupid Addams. Do you believe her Sky?" Nina asked him still looking at me with suspicious eyes.

"Stopped guys. I don't want to talk about him now. How was your flight Sky" I asked him to change the topic.

Skyler eyed me with suspicion for a minute then he replied to me. "Worst flight of my life" he replied with a clenched jaw like remembering something which angers him.

"Why, what happened, " I asked him. I have never seen this expression on his face. Nina also had the same expression as me.

"My private jet was not available so I had to take a commercial flight for New York. I meet with a girl on the flight she was so arrogant. If I had my way with her I would have thrown her out in the ocean" he said it in anger.

"She must be something if she made you mad" we joked on him.

"Stopped guys I'm serious. If I see her here again I'm not going to let her go that easily this time. I will take my revenge" he said it in determine voice.

We burst out laughing. I have never seen this serious expression on his face it's kinda amusing. I heard pine sound from my cell phone. I looked at to see who messaged me.

"Get them out of your room now" was a message from the devil.

What problem he has if someone is hanging out with me. Can't he leave me alone?

"And why will I do that" I replied him in annoyance and keep my phone aside.

There was a quick reply.

"Because I want them out of your room now".

Is he ordering me again?

"No one is going anywhere. Nina is staying over today and we three are going to spend the night together so stop bothering me don't you have work to do"

I replied to him getting annoyed with his always commanding me to take his orders tone. And keep my phone on the nightstand.

Continue messages were coming I ignored it. If I had a choice I would like to ignore him through my life. After half an hour later Rose came to my room to tell us dinner is ready. When I went down he was not present for dinner. Aunt told me he had an emergency at the office so he went. Even if I don't ask her she gives me information on him. I sigh in relief. At least he won't bother me now.

After dinner me, Nina and Sky spend some time together catching up. After that Nina and I slept together. Skyler went to his guest rooms to rest. I was tired because today was a hell of all days. I need to rest. I changed into my comfortable pajama and went to bed. I want to sleep so badly. I took my mobile to put it on the charger. There were so many messages. They all were from the same number.

"Get them out of your room now".

"If you don't do what I

issed me hard was he showing his anger through a kiss.

I started feeling dizzy. He sensed it and made his grip on my back strong. He broke the kiss. His forehead was resting on mine. My eyes were closed shut it was hard for me to process what happened just now.

"You are lucky that we are standing in a room full of people, " he said it in cold voice. A shiver ran through my body. I immediately opened my eyes.

What does he mean by that and why the hell he kissed me. Why is he angry at me. I was thinking of his good future. God, why is he behaving like this? Why everything is so confusing.

We were still standing like that.

"Sorry to disturb you love birds but we need to do ceremony" aunt said to us while smiling mischievously. I tried to push him away from me but he kept his grip tight on me.

"Mom we will be there in a minute" he replied still looking at me.

"OK come fast" aunt left us alone. My face was red as a tomato. He breathed heavily and realized me but he kept his hand on my waist.

We were standing in the middle of the hall when the uncle called for every once attention.

My engagement ring was Zanvil grandmother's ring. Her last wish was that she wants Zanvil bride to wear it. I fell in love at first sight when I saw it. It was too beautiful and simple like my taste. Aunt brought rings.

Nina was standing beside me she was looking gorgeous in her blue two pics dress. We took the rings I slipped it in his finger with shaking hands. He took my hand slipped it in my finger without wasting time.

I know he thinks everything is a waste of his time except for his work.

And there was loud clapping sound of hands in the hall.

People came and congratulated us and each time if any men said I was pretty or beautiful he made his grip strong on me.

My cheeks were hurting because of smiling to everyone. I looked at the faces of people in the hall everyone is happy except the people who are getting engaged. The event was almost coming to end Zanvil's hands never left my waist thought party. He was running his fingers on my bare back all the time giving me goosebumps all over my body.

I don't know if he was doing intentionally or unintentionally to make me feel uncomfortable. Each time he touched my back. My body jolted in foreign sensation. His cologne was all over my body

I need to get away from his presence to breathe properly.

When I tried to go away he stopped me. "Where the hell you are going, " he asked me angrily.

"Restroom" I replied while looking at his angry face.

He moved his eyes in the hall to search something and after he was sure then he nodded.

Can't he leave me alone for some time?

I sigh in frustration. I went to restroom no one was there. I did my business and when I was going back to the party.

Someone's hand landed on my waist I was about to scream when a large hand came on my mouth covering it. The person started dragged me somewhere.

Who is he?

I tried to free myself but his grip was strong on me. I want to scream.

Who is he and where the hell he is taking me?

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