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   Chapter 32 No.32

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"You and Zanvil to get married in two weeks" were uncles only words roaming in my head.

"Jane...Jane are you listening"

"huh, " I said while gazing at his face cluelessly.

"I want you and Zanvil to get married in two weeks." the uncle said it with a sad face.

"Dad what are you talking. You want me and her" Zanvil said while pointing at me with anger. "Two get married in two weeks, " he said angrily. I was quiet because I didn't know What to say.

"I know it is too early. You two did not get time with each other but" uncle stopped in his sentence. His eyes were sad.

Does uncle think that Zanvil is angry because we didn't get time together? He doesn't know the truth. His son doesn't want to get married to a homeless orphan like me.

"But what dad. First, you said I have to marry her and now you want me to get married in two weeks" he scoffed at uncle in anger.

He is so angry. Why won't? After all, I'm the one in his eyes who is marrying him against his will.

Are you ready to be in a marriage without love Jane? Were your husband will never think about loving you because he has already ha bad opinion about you. That you are a homeless orphan that knows how to take advantage of people who are kind to you.

My mind was asking me this question again and again. I swallowed hard.


As soon as I said those words in my mind. Uncle and aunts happy faces came in front of my eyes. I don't have the courage to take that happy smile from their faces. I swallowed hard again.

I can do this for uncle and aunt.

Tears were forming in the corner of my eyes. I tried to stop them from flowing. I was fighting with my inner self.

"But what dad what" I again heard Zanvil angry voice.

"Zan listens to your dad first, " the aunt said with a sad angry voice. She has tears in her eyes.

What happened to her. I never saw tears in her eyes. Is she sad because of Zanvil's behavior?

"Honey you can tell them, " the aunt said while keeping her hand in uncles shoulder like giving him courage.

That feeling of uneasiness again started hitting me. "W..what is it, uncle. W..why want us to get us married in two weeks" I asked in weak braking voice.

They are scaring me.

"Maybe I won't be alive to see it with my own eyes afterward, " he said it while looking in my and Zanvil's eyes. Aunt tears were unleashed so was mine. She was making soothing circles on uncles back. She was encouraging him to continue.

"W...what are you talking dad. W..why you won't be al..." Zanvil was not able to complete his sentence. He swallowed hard. Hurt was on his face.

Uncle cleared his throat. "After four weeks I have surgery" uncle said while holding my hand and sadly smiling at me.

"What surgery uncle?" I asked him looking at his face. My vision was blurred with tears.

"I wanted to tell you both about this before but, " the uncle said while looking at me and Zanvil. "I didn't want you both to agree on this marriage on my health issues but you two agreed to marry each other. And now I have to tell you both why I want you both to marry In two weeks". uncle swallowed hard.

"I'm suffering from heart disease and I don't think I will survive in my surgery. So before I go from your lives for good. I want to see my children getting married in front of my eyes. I want to see my small family getting completed and happy still time I'm alive" he said in breaking voice.

"Please uncle doesn't say that you will be in our lives in our each happy and sad moment, " I sai

y I didn't saw him. Tomorrow I'm getting engaged to the devil. I went down to look at how everything was going. "O god Jane you are still not ready. We have your parlor appointment and then we have to pick up your dress. We are running out of time. Go get ready fast" aunt bombarded at me and she pushed me back to my room. I didn't get time to respond her back.

Five hours of spending in parlor doing what not with aunt and Nina. And picking up my dress for tomorrow I was so tired. I want to sleep we reached home. I saw uncle was talking with Jack he is home early today. Zanvil came out of the kitchen with a bottle in his hand he is also early today.

Good, maybe I can talk to him.

As soon as our eyes meet he was staring at me like he loved what he saw in front of him. Suddenly I remember our previous encounter. My face was red and then I felt someone closing my eyes from behind. I knew who he was only one person can act so childishly.

"O my god Skyler when did you came" I shouted removing his hands from my eyes and jumping on him for a hug. Like always he changed me.

"An hour ago" he replied me while showing me his big smile.

"I missed you so much, " I said hugging him

"Me too" he hugged me back.

"Skyler" Nina called out his name and came running to him for a hug. They hugged each other. "Why you didn't inform us we would have come to the airport to receive you, " Nina asked him while furrowing her eyebrows at him.

"If I had informed you guys would I have got a chance to look at this beautiful surprise face of you two, " he asked to us while pointing at our surprised faces and mischievously smirking at us.

"Come let's go we have so much to catch up, " I said while tugging his one arm.

"Yes let's go, " Nina said while tugging his other arm.

"Jane I have something important to talk with you come with me, " Zanvil said while grabbing my hand his voice was showing a little bit of anger.

"Me too Nina come with me" Jack joint him.

"No we will talk afterward, " I said while removing Zanvil's hand from mine. Nina did same "come let's go, Skyler, " I said in happiness.

My tiredness was all gone movement I saw Skyler now I'm in the parting mood. But some people are in a bad mood. I thought after looking at Zanvil's and Jack's face.

Why they can't be happy in there life for once.

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