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   Chapter 31 No.31

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Our laughter was cut with nock on the door. "What they want now" we both exclaimed in frustration.

I was about to open the door when Nina stopped me. "Wait don't open it I will bring something to crack that Jack's head like chestnut, " she said and run to Kitchen to get something.

Is she in real want to crack his head? From her tone she was serious.

She came running back with a small pan in her hand and immediately opened the door but stopped in her track. She was standing like status with a pan in her hand in the air.

I opened the door wide to see pizza boy standing with wide eyes. "Please don't attack me. I...I'm only five minutes late. you can have this pizza free" he said in pleading voice. He was afraid of Nina. She does look scary with a pan in her hand.

"I'm so sorry, " Nina said ii in embarrassment. She took the pizza and gave him a little tip as sorry and slammed the door with a thud. I started laughing at her she was fast and funny. "Jane stops laughing I'm already embarrassed at my actions, " she said while keeping pizza on the table and sitting on the sofa.

"Nina you should have seen your face it was so funny. Jack is messing with your head so much" I said while laughing hard. "Yes, he is. Whenever I see his face. I get pissed because of him I suffered so much in the past years. I can't even tolerate him for more than a second in my life" she exclaimed in annoyance.

"I can understand you, " I said while placing my hand over her to comfort her but I was still laughing. "Now come let's eat pizza before it gets cold and let's watch the new movie, " I said to her cheerfully.

In the morning when I was heading home Nina joined me. She wanted to meet aunt. Actually surprised her. When we reach home aunt was preparing breakfast. Looking at aunt? Nina Immediately shouted her name in happily "Aunt Jennifer".

"O my God. Look who has come to meet me. What a pleasant surprise. Come here and give your aunt a hug" aunt said it happily. Nina in the blink of seconds ran and hug aunt. "I'm so happy to see you. How are you let me see you properly" she said while glancing her whole body. There were happy tears in her eyes. She is so happy to meet her. Nina also had some tears in her eyes too. "O god how thin you have become. Were you not eating properly" she asked her in a motherly tone.

"Don't worry aunt I was eating properly but I missed your food so much. That's why I have become thin" she said it while pouting.

"Yes, you need to eat come sit have breakfast, "

uncle said in a serious tone.

"Ok" I replied to him and devil nodded to him.

What does he want to talk with me and Zanvil?

I and Nina went to my room. "Did you saw there face. O my god it was so funny" Nina bust out laughing.

"Yeah it was so funny, " I said while laughing with her.

"Did you saw their faces when the aunt came. They were on verge of snatching our phones from our hands" I said to her still laughing.

"Yes it was the icing on cake moment" she was laughing holding her stomach and then I remember what uncle said to me.

What important thing he wants to talk with me and the devil.

"What are you thinking Jane" Nina asked me.

"What important thing uncle wants to talk with us, " I said it still thinking about it.

"Don't worry you will know it when you go to his study. Stop over thinking on it" she said to me while assuring me that nothing would be wrong. After sometime Nina left and I headed to uncles study.

I'm feeling uneasy. I don't know why.

I entered his study aunt was also there. She was standing there with Zanvil. From his face, he was also curious to know what uncle wants to talk.

"Come, Jane, we were waiting for you. Sit here" uncle gesture to the chair beside him. I went and sat there. He took my hand in his. "Jane I want you and Zanvil to get married in two weeks, " he said with a sad smile.

My eyes widened after hearing his word. Colour from my face got drained.

"What" Zanvil half yelled.

I was not able to say anything. It was like ground from my feet was taken away from me. If I was not sitting on a chair I would have fallen down on my face.

In two-week marrying the devil of my life......

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