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   Chapter 30 No.30

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 9720

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"Shit" we heard boys saying it in the union. We turned our faces to meet there. Both were standing with a clenched jaw. Colour from their faces was a drain. Seeing their pissed face Nina and I smile at each other sharing meaningful glance.

The fun has just started now.

My phone battery is getting low. I will put it on the charger.

I headed to the bedroom while smiling.

I'm so happy Skyler is coming.

"Wear your clothes you're coming with me now" I flinched at a sudden voice from behind me. My phone fell down. When I turned back with a shocked face. I saw devil was standing so close to me.

Did he follow me I didn't hear any food steps? When he learned to walk like Ninjas.

"Stop scaring me with your voice your face is enough to do that, " I said in annoyance. OK, I lied his face doesn't scare me but I need to say something bad. After all, he had said my so many mean words.

He was standing with a clenched jaw. Of course not happy with my comment. I ignored him and bent down to pick my phone but he caught me in his arms. "What are you doing, " I asked in annoyance. Anger was on my face.

"My face scares you, " he asked me in anger.

"Yes, it does each and every time, " I said it while stopping myself from laughing hard. I'm angry at him But I can't hold it anymore I started laughing.

He took me seriously. He is such a stupid person. He deserves it.

He was watching me with his pissed face. My laughter was cut with his lips slamming on me in anger. My body went stiff. His actions got me off-guard. I was standing with a shocked expression.

No, he can't kiss me.

He is such a shameless man. He is behaving like he did nothing wrong to me yesterday. But he was always like that doing all the bad things to me and next day behaving as nothing happened.

In anger, I pulled my head backward. Out of his reach. He growled in anger not liking my protest. "How many times should I tell you not to touch me, " I said in angry while trying to get free from his hold.

"Shut up I'm not dying to touch you. I don't like your laughing face it makes you look more ugly" he said while smirking at me. I gasped at his words.

Did he just called me ugly has he seen his face in the mirror.

"There is no need to kiss me. To stop me from laughing" I said with anger.

"But I prefer that way, " he said still smirking at me.

God did he came here to piss me off.

"let me go and what are you doing here, " I said in annoyance while trying to free myself from his hold.

"You are coming with me, " he said casually like it was obvious.

"And why would I do that, " I asked him while furrowing my brow in anger.

"Because I want you to come with me, " he said It in an irritated voice. He was not liking me questioning him.

What makes him think I will go with him and he is not even telling me the reason why he wants me to come with him.

"Your majesty

ticket for my flight to which he told me no tickets were booked for me and when I called my dad he told me the same thing that I was scheduled to go with him in his jet not in flight.

Cutting my dad's call I argued with Jack that I'm not going with him anywhere. That time Gray came between our argument and he tried to make me calm. Jack eyed him like he was looking at his greatest enemy. He asked me who he is to me. To which I said my boyfriend and Gray agreed with me to support me.

Jack was so angry after hearing my words. But I ignored him and went to the airport with Gray. We tried to book me tickets but all the flights were already booked. Jack was pissed with my actions but he was sitting in waiting area calmly. Like he knew I won't get any tickets. Actually, he was the reason because I was not getting any tickets. And it was pissing me so much.

I was mad at my dad and him. Jack came to me and told me that jet is ready to take off. Listening to his words I turned to Gray and whisper in his ear. Not to get affected by my actions and then I kissed him in front of Jack. Gray was shocked at first but he understood the situation. Jack caught my hand and dragged me to his jet he was so mad after seeing me and Gray kissing each other. I was happy looking that I made him mad. Now he won't come in my path. But I can't tell you, Jane, my whole journey was so miserable. He was so mean to me and things he did to me" She said while swallowing hard while trying to say more.

"Did Jack behaved with you like that?" I asked in shock expression she nodded at me with closed eyes.

"I don't understand what we have done to get those passive freaks in our life" Nina exclaimed in disappointment.

"I been asking the same question to myself from quit while, " I said in the same manner. We both started laughing. Our laughter was cut with nock on the door.

"What they want now?" we both exclaimed in frustration.

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