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   Chapter 29 No.29

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He was kissing on my jaw and then he bites on my neck. He Ignored all my protested. His lips started descending to my ear.

"Don't worry I will make this less painful full for you but you will remember it throughout your life" he whispers in my ear.

My whole body went stiff. I closed my eyes more hard tear slipped from it. His lips started descending to my neck.

How I'm going to save myself from this devil.

I started sobbing. He was assaulting my neck biting and sucking on it. Suddenly his movements stopped. His body started feeling heavy on me. His grip on my hands became loose. Freeing my hands from his I tried to move him.

Did he pass out? Thank god I cried in happiness.

I tried my best to move him but he was not budging from my body. If we stay the whole night like this. In the morning you will get my dead body.

God, he is so heavy.

I tried my best but my all efforts went to drain. He won't move. I gave up after five minutes he moved his body to my side.

Thank god now I can be free.

As soon as his body shifted I tried to move but he placed his arm on my waist and moved me to his hard chest. My front was touching his hard chest.

Why he is so possessive in his sleep too.

I tried to remove his hand but he made his grip more strong on my waist.

I have to sleep like this with him.

I'm feeling so awkward.

I was staring at his sleeping face.

After taking away my sleep he is sleeping so calmly as nothing happened. How my hand is aching to push him down from my bed. I won't forgive him for what he has done and said to me today. How much has he drunk to pass out like that.

I clenched my jaw in anger.

I bet tomorrow he won't remember a single thing and he will put blame on me for everything. And that is making me more piss.

He moved his face in my clavicle his lips were touching my skin.

How I'm supposed to sleep in this situation.

I was a little bit afraid.

What if he wakes up and continues what he was up to. God, please let him sleep until morning.

I don't know when I doze off. In the morning I woke up. Half opening my eyes I looked at the clock. It is showing seven thirty am. I tried to move but sometimes was stopping me from doing it. Then I saw his arm was still wrapped on my waist. Yesterday night's memories folded in my mind. After struggling little I removed his hand from my waist and got out of bed.

I went to the bathroom and started getting ready. After coming out I looked at the clock. "O my God. I'm going to get late it's almost eight thirty. Nina will have my head in her breakfast today. I need to hurry up. Her flight must have already landed" I muttered to myself. I took my bag and put my all necessary items in. I was about to open the door when I looked back in anger at him.

He was still sleeping soundlessly like he was sleeping after so many years.

God, I want to throw the whole bucket of cold water on his face and tell him to get lost from my room but I'm getting late. Nina must be Waiting for me.

Getting out I told the driver to take me to the airport. After reaching there I saw she was waiting for me.

She looks angry. She is definitely going to have my head for breakfast.

"Nina" I called her while running towards her.

She looked at me "You're late, " she said with annoyance.

"I'm really sorry, " I said while hugging her.

"I'm letting you go this time because I missed you so much, " she said while hugging me back. She can't be angry with me for more than five mint

parking in these damn building" we heard a familiar pissed voice. "Dude you should have waited for me till I parked the car, " he said in annoyance. "Hello Jane, " he said to me. Then his eyes landed on Nina. Seeing her he smirked at her.

Why these boys only know to smirk.

Looking at his smirking face actually hearing his voice made Nina's mood foul. "Jane have you heard that poem, " she said still staring at Jack with a clenched jaw.

"Roses are red

Violets are blue

If I had a brick

I'd throw it at you."

She said while smirking and looking straight in Jack's eyes.

I suppressed my laughter. Jack shot my glance. His eyes were accusing me how can I take her side. I can't help myself. I stopped laughing.

"Jane have you heard that poem" Jack asked to me staring at Nina.

Why are they taking me in between them?

"Rose are red

Violets are blue

Face like yous

Belong to zoo

Don't be sad

I'll be there too

Not in cage

But laughing at you.

Jack said while looking at her with a smirk. His smirk has widened.

I heard a chuckle from the devil. Nina and Jack's booth were given each other death glares. For me, it was becoming hard to suppress my laughter. I heard my phone was ringing again. I left to take my phone they were still busy arguing.

There was twenty missed call from the devil. Why he called me so many times. Five from Jack. He dragged Jack with him and four missed calls from an unknown number. And it started ringing with unknown number again.

Picking it up I said "Hello". From another side, I heard a familiar voice. After talking to him for five minutes I ran to Nina to tell her good news. "Nina...Nina" I called her.

"What, " she said while breaking her death glare staring compilation with the Jack.

"Guess what who is coming, " I asked her in excitement.

"Who, " she asked in curiosity.

"Skyler is coming, " I said in excitement.

"What he is really coming, " she asked in excitement.

"Yes, " I replied in the same excitement. We started doing a happy dance.

"Shit" we herd boys saying it in the union. We turned our faces to meet there. Both were standing there with a clenched jaw.

Colour from their faces was drained. Looking at their pissed face Nina and I smile at each other sharing meaningful glance.

The fun has just started now….

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