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   Chapter 28 No.28

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 8146

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Fear started spreading in my body. "Wh….what are you doing here, " I asked him in breaking voice.

"Why I need a reason to be in my wife's room, " he said in cold angry voice. Colour from my face got drained.

What did he just say Wif….wife?

And then he started talking steeps in my direction. He was staring at me with a cold gaze. He was still in his work clothes. From when he was watching me while I was sleeping. I didn't hear any door opening sound.

He stood in front of me and bend down to my level. I swallowed hard. As soon as our gaze meets shiver run through my spine. His eyes are red and they seem so tired.

What is he doing here instead of being in his room?

The familiar scent hit my nostrils. he smells of his cologne and something else. What is this different smell?

O my god.

My pupils get dilated.

The smell of alcohol. Is he drunk? If he is drunk what is he doing in my room?

He was staring at my face.

His eyes are so deep as a sea. Always commanding me to do things which I don't want to do. Always demanding from me.

But his eyes always hold sadness in them. The sadness he doesn't want to share with anyone. Whenever I see the sadness in his eyes. I want to kiss him. Hug him comfort him as he does in my dream.

I swallowed hard at my thoughts.

Shut up Jane don't forget what he has said to you.

Anger roused in me.

What is he doing here after saying me those harsh words? What he wants now. Has he came to insult me again. What is it with him coming here whenever he wants.

He lifted his hand and caressed my face with the back of his fingers. I unconsciously closed my eyes. I again started melting with his touch. It was like anger which I had for him started disappearing.

"Homeless orphan over the ambitious person."

His words started echoing in my head. Opening my eyes I slapped his hand away.

My actions made him angry. He clenched his jaw.

I don't care if he is angry or whatever he can keep it to himself.

Making sure that there is one hand distance between us I stood in front of him.

"What do you want, " I asked him straight away breaking the silence between us.

In the blink of a second, he closed the distance between us and locked me with his one arm. Making me clashed with his hard chest. His other hand was on small of my back bringing my face nearer to him. It was so fast that I didn't realize what happened.

God, why is he so

a homeless orphan, over-ambitious person but also such a big attention seeker. Did you like your expensive gift" he said in his pissed voice while holding my hand and pointing my bracelet which Jack has gifted me.

After homeless orphan, the over-ambitious person now he also made me big attention seeker who want expensive gifts for forgiveness. God, how am I going to bare with this man?

I freed my hand from his and slapped him again.

I'm not going to buy his nonsense.

Now he started breathing heavily he is so pissed so was I. Shooting me death glare he laughed at me angrily. He was beyond pissed. He grabbed my hand and bent it back of my lower body. His actions were so fast I gasped in pain and surprise. He took advantage of my open mouth and shoved his tongue in. He started assaulting my mouth.

Taste of alcohol and mint was all over my mouth. He was holding me so close to his body. He bitted my lower lip hard making me cry in pain. I tried to push him with my free hand but he won't budge.

He pushed me back on my bed and hover on me. He pinned me both hands above my head. He licked blood which was on my lip. His eyes were misted with lust.

He was kissing on my jaw and biting on my neck. He Ignored all my protested. His lips started descending to my ear. "Don't worry I will make this less painful full for you but you're going to remember this throughout your life" he whispers in my ear.

My whole body went stiff. I closed my eyes more hard. A single tear slipped from the corner of my eyes. His lips started descending to my neck.

How I'm going to save myself from this devil.

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