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   Chapter 27 No.27

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 11791

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"What...what did I ask uncle, " I asked in my shocked voice. A mere whisper came out of my mouth.

"Stop playing innocently in front of me" he spoke angrily. "You asked my dad to marry me" he repeated his words with clench teeth. Listening to his words world around me became blank. He was speaking something but it was like. I was not able to hear anything. Only his words were echoing in my ears in his bitter voice "You asked my dad to marry me".

I was staring at his face his eyes were telling me that he is angry. Not happy with his father decision so was l. But why did uncle said that I have asked him to marry his son? I heard some crashing sound which brought me out of my lost trance.

Zanvil harshly grabbed my arm and lifting me up from his bed. As soon as I was up from his bed. He left my hand leaving me to struggle on my weak feet. It was so fast that I lost my balance and I fell on the floor. Sitting there I saw everything was shattered in his room. My vision started blurring.

He had destroyed everything in his room. He grabbed my wrist roughly and made me stand up. It was like my body did not have enough energy to stand. When I was about to fall again he sank his arm around my waist and pinned me to his body harshly.

He squeezed my waist with his fingers in the harsh grip. I gasped in pain. I tried to push him with my fragile hands but I failed miserably. I lifted my gaze to meet his cold one. His dark orbs were already on me. His jaw was clenched. Red was all over his face. "Zanvil leave me. You're hurting me" I said in trembling voice.

To which he laughed at me like a madman and said "What about me Jane? What about me? Are you not hurting me. Why I'm the only one hurting you?" he asked in his pissed voice. I was not able to say a single word. What I did to hurt him. He was watching my face his expression turned to sour one. "How dare you think that I will marry you, " he said with clenched teeth. "How dare you think that I will marry a homeless orphan like you, " he asked in with venom in his each and every word.

His words pierced through my heart. My tears are unlisted. Never has anyone said to me such harsh words. All these years I thought I had home. I had a family but everything is shattered. For him, I'm a homeless orphan. I started sobbing hard.

Does everyone think about me like that homeless orphan?

"Leave me. I didn't ask uncle such a thing. Stop saying those harsh words to me" I said while sobbing.

He angrily smirked at me. "Those words are realty of your life. You are a homeless orphan and over-ambitious person. Who wants to make her place in the house were people pitted on you. Who let you live here. You want to take advantage of there kindness" he stated angrily.

It is a reason why he hates me so much. He...he always thought of me like that. The person who takes advantage of others good will.

"Shut up. Uncle and aunt would never think about me like that. They loved me like there own child. I never took advantage of there kindness" I said while shaking my head in decline Singh. I tried to push him. I want to go and ask uncle why he told him that I want to marry such a devil. "let me go. They are not like you. They never thought about me like that" I said while shouting angrily with clenched teeth.

He smirked at me "Yes they are not like me. They can't see the over ambitious person in you but I can" he said with clenched teeth. Pushing him with all my strength I slapped him hard.

He has no rights to say such bitter

aughter. Now my dream is becoming true" he said to me happily.

Aunt came to me she hugged me again. She made me and Zanvil stand together. "I'm so happy for you two. First, we thought you both will agree or not. But now seeing you both together I'm so happy. Are you happy Jane" aunt asked me I looked at her.

She was smiling so brightly. Uncle was standing with the same expression.

How can I take their happiness away? I have no rights to do it.

I swallowed hard. "Yes, " I said again in trembling voice while smiling at them. My tears started falling.

"Of course you are. I don't know why I'm asking such questions" she said to me while smiling. "O my dear why are you crying, " she asked me. "Are you crying because we are happy" I nodded my head. I can't tell her the real reason. "O Jane stop crying or else I will also start crying, " she said while wiping my tears and hugging me. I gave my life happily to the devil who is going to make it hell.

"OK time for celebration. No more crying" Jack said loudly.

"Yeah but first let's eat dinner together like family" aunt said to everyone. During dinner, I never looked in anybody's eyes. I don't want them to see my sadness. I was constantly feeling his stare at me but I didn't dare to look up. I failed miserably in my plan of a convincing uncle. I was not able to say anything to him.

After dinner, Jack Drag him for a small celebration. Aunt told me to go and rest. I don't know what should I do. Now my life has taken a three sixty-degree turn. I started crying. I miss my mom and dad so much. I don't know when I drifted to sleep. In the middle of the night, I woke up because I was feeling thirsty.

With half open eyes I search for glass someone handed me it and l drank water from it. I said "thank you" and I was about to sleep when I stopped in my track.

Who handed me the glass?

I switch on the light and fully opened my eyes to look at the person sitting in front of me.

Zanvil was sitting in front of me. I saw the time it was two o'clock.

What is he doing here at this hour?

Fear started spreading in my body.

"Wh....what are you doing here, " I asked him in breaking voice.

"Why I need a reason to be in my wife's room, " he said in cold angry voice.

What did he say Wif....wife?

And then he started taking steps in my direction...

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