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   Chapter 26 No.26

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 6842

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When I saw who the person was I jumped in excitement. But Immediately my expression changed to sour one.

He was standing there smiling at me. I can see the excitement in his eyes. His eyes are telling me he wants to tell me so many things. He is so happy to meet me after so long. He was wearing a black color Armani his tie was loose.

I can't believe he again started to wear black suits. How many times I told him that colors look good on him. Still, he wore black. Though he looks so handsome in black. I like him watching in colors. He looks more mature than last time I saw him and more handsome with his well built up body.

I don't know how girls stop them self from drooling at the side of his one look. I think they don't.

From last year I started to noticed his more public appearance. With different model at parties in newspapers. People who don't know him must think that he is so happy with his life. Who doesn't think like that? Being so successful businessman at his age. Having everything he wants on the snap of his fingers, every girl wants him but I know the truth.

Because whenever I looked at his pitcher in papers or on TV his smile never reached his eyes. I know what his heart craves for but he is too stubborn to accept it.

"Am I not even going to get a hug from you?" he asked me in a sad puppy face while pouting and patiently waiting for my reply. Aunt laughter at his actions. But it won't melt my heart. He deserves punishment for keeping things from me.

"Do I know you?" I asked him with narrow eyes. Ignoring his previous question.

"Of cause you do. I'm your best friend" he said while sheepishly smiling at me.

"Yeah, best friend. Who don't even call their best friends for once? Aunt did you let him in" I said in mocking tone in disapproval.

The aunt was caught off guard she shrugs her shoulder little bit and said "Jane you know I love you more but you are all my children how can I make him go. He came home after such a long time. Look at his face" I unconscious looked at his face to

follow us. When I saw aunt stopped him. I looked at her in confusion. She looked at me with an apologizing gaze.

Is something wrong?

"Zanvil stop what are you doing" I shouted at him.

What does he want this time? And why is he humiliating me in front of them like this and why aunt is not stopping him.

We were heading in his room direction. Why is he taking me there? The fear started eating me. "Zanvil leave my hand I don't want to come with you" I shouted at him to which he tightened his grip on me more. Opening the door he pushed me on his bed and locked his room and he started coming in my direction.

"Z...Zanvil what do you want? Why did you lock the door" I said it in braking voice?

What is he up to?

He pushed my shoulder making me lay flat on my back and then he hovers on me. I gulped at his actions.

"Why are you afraid of me. Yeah, you don't like me touching you right" he asked me bitterly.

Yes, I'm afraid that I can't say it loudly. And why is he bring touching thing again?

He again took my silence as yes. He smiled at me bitterly.

"Than why the fuck you asked my dad to marry me" he shouted with the clenched jaw in anger.

"W..What" a mere whisper came out of my mouth. Colour from my face got drained.

"What...what did I ask uncle?" I asked in my shock voice. It was the new big question for myself.

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