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   Chapter 25 No.25

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I was sitting in the dining area waiting for my breakfast. It's been three weeks since we are avoiding each other or putting it in better words I'm hiding from him because I clearly remember his words.

'You were always like this Jane. Always refusing me always pushing me away but you know what Jane. What makes me angrier than this. That you enjoy other man's touch on you and because of which I hate you. Don't you dare to show me pity face of yours' he said while licking his bruised lip and smirking at me again 'And if you dare I won't mind taking you there and then. Your little hands won't be able to stop me' he said while bitterly smiling at me.

On that day. I don't remember when I doze off on the floor. I was crying my heart out. Remembering it again caused shiver ran through my body because Zanvil whom I know is a man of his words. And I don't want to challenge him.

"Are you crying Jane" aunt asked me in her worried voice. "Is something wrong are you not feeling well." she bombards at me with a Nemours question. Her word made me snap out from my thoughts. I looked at her with confused eyes.

When did she come and why is she asking me such questions.

"No aunt I'm not crying. Why are you asking me such questions" I asked her in a more confused voice.

To which aunt touched my cheeks and asked me "What is this?"

I touch my cheeks. I felt wetness on them. I was so deep in my thoughts. That I didn't realize I was crying while thinking about that day. It seems like yesterday.

"No aunt I'm not crying. Maybe something has gone in my eyes. O you have made pancakes today" I said while quickly wiping my tears from my cheeks and smiling at her. I don't want her to ask any further questions to me. So I tried to brush it off.

"Are you sure Jane?" she asked me in conforming tone.

"Yes aunt doesn't worry about it, " I said while taking a bit of my pancake. "Hmmm. Aunt your pancakes are always so delicious" I said it while moaning during eating it.

"Did they improve your mood. I made them special for you. From past weeks I saw you didn't have a good mood. You're always stressed out. Maybe because of your exams and that's why I thought of making them for you" the aunt said while waiting for my answer and smiling at me.

"Yes, they did can I have some more, " I asked her while smiling at her.

"Of course darling. I'll go and bring" saying that she went to the kitchen. She noticed that I was sad and stressed out at something. Thank god she thought it was because of my exams. Did I tell

face became red because of embracement. "What, "the aunt said and she immediately ducked down to look at me. "Jane darling what are you doing under the table, " she asked me in confusion. What should I answer her my face was red as a tomato.

Then I looked that I was holding the fork in my hand.

"Aunt I was searching for a fork which I dropped down, " I said to her while nervously laughing.

"Yeah from past fifteen minutes" I heard him saying that in mocking tone and then he left.

He knew I was under the table still he didn't tell aunt when she asked him. He purposely made me sit down. It's so embarrassing.

I came out of the table and tried to run to my room. But aunt caught my arm."Eat your breakfast, Jane. I made more pancakes for you" aunt said to me. She made me sit on my chair.

"I'm not hungry anymore, " I said to her in pleading way while trying to run but she didn't leave me.

"No Jane you are eating it all in front of me and I'm going to bring five more so start eating" she made me eat everything and she brought more five. O God my stomach is aching. Reaching my room I laid on my bed.

"I can't even move I'm not going to eat food for like two days. He purposely told aunt. He knew aunt will make me eat everything". I fisted my fingers "If he comes in front of me I'm going to punch him hard".

I slept for some time because my body was protested to even move my finger. When I woke up I came down to watch TV. My room has a TV but I like watching TV in the living room.

I watching some interesting show when.

Someone tap on my shoulder. When I saw who the person was. I jumped in excitement but Immediately my expression changed to sour one.

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