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   Chapter 24 No.24

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 6302

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He pinned me to the wall in anger. "I always try to control my anger but like always you like to piss me off. More I try to control myself more you push my buttons to the end. Where I can't control it anymore". He said with anger while burying his face in my neck.

His hands were on my waist lifting my camisole to settle them there. His hands are touching my skin in a vise grip while his thumb was making a circle on it. My whole body went stiff. His touch always causes foreign sensation to run through my body.

I gasped at his touch. As he started kissing me on my neck. When I tried to stop him he interviewed my finger with him and pinned them above my head. He was taking care of not hurting me in my bruised area but he is still trying to hurt me.

"Zanvil stops touching me, " I said in anger.

He never takes my warnings seriously. He has no rights to touch me.

He lifted his face up from my neck and moved so closed to my lips only inch apart. "Why you don't like me touch you or because I'm not you Grayson whatever. Who's touch you were enjoying so much, " he said it with clench teeth.

My tears unleashed. Which I was holding for so long. "Zanvil what are you talking and why are you bringing Gray in middle of this, " I asked it angry teary voice. More tears started to form in corner of my eyes.

"I know you are a good actress Jane but your acting skills don't work in front of me. So drop your act of innocence in front of me" he said while freeing his one hand. He was still holding my both hands in a firm grip. He sided strap of my camisole and the thing he did next made my knees weak.

He started biting on my neck and shoulder. He was biting and sucking on it. I moaned in pain and foreign sensation all over my body.

"Zanvil stops it" I half yelled at him but it came so low out of my mouth. It doesn't sound like my voice.

"You know what J

ng in more tears loudly. I tried to take it in my hands to look at it but he snatched it.

"Don't touch me" he shouted. I started sobbing in hiccups. I tried to control it but it was not in my hands.

"You were always like this Jane. Always refusing me always pushing me away. But you know what Jane. What makes me angrier than this. That you enjoy other man's touch on you and because of which I hate you. Don't you dare to show me this face of yours" he said while licking his bruised lip and smirking at me again "And if you dare I won't mind taking you there and then. Your little hands won't be able to stop me" he said while bitterly smiling at me. His declaration causes my body to tremble in fear more.

"And stop crying, " he said while wiping tears from my cheeks with his rough fingers and then he left my room closing my door with a loud thud.

I slide down on the floor. I was crying my heart out.

Why he always behave like this. Why he always hurt me like this.

He always behaves like I'm his possession. We always fought like people who are madly in love with each other but truth is we are nothing.

He always hurt me like this. There is no love only hatred filled in our heart for each other which is increasing day by day.

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