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   Chapter 23 No.23

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 5934

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He is wearing grey sweatpants and a black T-shirt which was hugging his body perfectly. I could see his abs. I swallowed hard.

He is staring at me while his is eyes kept moving from my legs to my face. I started feeling something in my stomach but I tried to ignore it. I saw him taking deep breaths.

Is he controlling his anger but I did nothing to make him angry.

For some time we stare at each other. He is still looking at me. God knows which emotion he has in his eyes.

Room was silent. We could hear only the soft breathing sound of our self. "What are you doing here, " I asked him while taking the initiative to break the silence.

He took one more deep breath before opening his mouth. "I bought the ointment, " he said while showing it to me.

The irony of my life. The person who gave me this bruise has bought ointment for it.

In other situations, I would have not accepted anything from him but I promise aunt that I will apply it before sleeping.

"OK give it to me I will apply it afterward, " I said it while sighing in disappointment. I placed my open palm in front of him to hand me the ointment.

But he just gazes at my hand and moved it on my face. In a second he took my palm and pulled me towards him. Which cause me to lose my balance and I collided with his chest.

I lifted my face to look at him. Deep sea-colored eyes were already on me. He lifted his hand and when his fingers touched my skin I involuntarily closed my eyes. He removed lose hairs which were on my face and tugged them back of my ear.

I could smell his cologne all over me.

What is he doing?

I opened my eyes and immediately tried to move back from his presence but he caught my waist. And I land on his chest again. My both hands were fisted on his c

me but he is the same devil.

I tried to control my tears which were threatening to come out any time.

"You are done with applying ointment now you can leave my room, " I said while snatching my hand from his and walking to open the door of my room for him. So he can get out as soon as possible.

He clenched his jaw and closed his eyes for a second. He stood up and started walking.

Good, he is leaving without any argument because I can't take this nonsense anymore.

I just want to sleep. I'm so tired today.

But my happiness was short lived. He slammed the door and locked it. My eyes widened in horror.

What is he doing?

"Zanvil what are you doing leave me alone. Get out of my room" I yelled at him. Looking it he turned to face me. His eyes meet with mine. Boy, he was so angry. His eyes were fuming in the fire.

"Things which I should have done to you a long time ago, " he said and took a step in my direction.

Wh...what does he mean by that...?

Colour from my face got drained. I took a step back in disbelief. He grabbed my upper arm and turning me and pinned me to the wall.

And next thing he did to me my body started trembling in fear.

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