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   Chapter 22 No.22

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 6519

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"Hmm, uncle" mere whisper came out from my mouth.

How will I explain to him that his son has put them there?

Uncle was still looking at my bruised wrist aunty also joined him. "Who did this to you sweetie is someone hurting you, " the uncle asked with a worried voice. Hurt was on his face.

Uncle loves me so much.

Aunt's eyes were filled with tears. "Tell us, dear is someone bullying you at college, " the aunt asked in her worried voice. She still thinks I'm a child. In a normal situation, I would have laughed but she asked me with so much concern. Her tears started falling down. They both love me so much. How I'm going to tell them that their son is the person who has done this.

No, I can't tell them. I won't tell them this. They will be more hurt but what should I tell them.

"Hmm uncle, aunt" I was trying to come with something.

"Jane did you started wearing wristbands again, " the aunt asked with worried and horror expression on her face.

"What, " the uncle asked with the same expression. "Jane are you having nightmares again, " he asked in shock expression.

"We should take her to the doctor, " the uncle said to aunty.

"Yes, we should. I'll call the clinic and make an appointment for tomorrow" she said and started searching for her cell phone. She is so worried.

"No no I'm not having any nightmares, " I said while trying to calm them down but they didn't listen to me.

Yes, I use to wear those wristbands in the past. Because of the pain of it on my wrist used to bring me out of my ugly nightmares. And they use to leave ugly bruises on my wrist in the morning. But it was in the past. I have not touched them for a long time.

I should stop this they are worrying for nothing.

"Uncle, aunt stop worrying about me I'm not having any nightmares, " I said while stopping them.

"Jane you don't need to hide it from us. We will go to the doctor tomorrow so you can talk about it with the doc

throbe. It is cold in New York.

I got changed in my nightwear. Black camisole and silk shorts. Then I started the search mission of ointment. I looked everywhere for it but I couldn't find it. I was sitting on the floor and finding it in the drawer of my shelf.

"I will go and ask for it to an aunt, " I said in frustration. "No she must be sleeping I will ask her for it tomorrow" I was talking to myself when I heard my bedroom door opening sound.

It must be aunt she must have come to check on me. Good, I will ask for it now.

"Thank god aunt you came, " I said while getting up from the floor. "I'm searching for ointment but I couldn't find it do you have it, " I asked her without turning back. I was still searching for it in my upper drawers. Maybe I have left it here. She didn't answer me. "What happened aunt why are you not answering me" maybe she left the room to get it. But I was sensing someone presence behind me.

Then I remembered I had locked the door.

The shivering chill passed through my room.

Does aunt have the key to my room?

There is only one way to find it.

So I turned to face her. My face lost its color.

What is he doing here?

Was the first question I asked myself. After looking at the person who was standing in front of me in my room.

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