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   Chapter 21 No.21

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 6140

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He is wearing a blue color suit with perfectly gelled hair. He is looking more dashing with his angry face.

Why this person has only one emotion in him.

His eyes moved to Gray's hand which were still on my waist. He was looking at him like he wants to throw punches on his face. Gray sensed the tension in the air and he removed his hands from my waist.

He shifted his gaze from him to me. His gaze was boring holes in my body. Warning me to move away from Gray's presence but you all know I don't take his orders.

"Gray meet aunt Jennifer's son Zanvil Adams, " I said while Intertwined my hands with Gray's forearm.

Gray smiled at Zanvil and extended his hand "Grayson Williams" he said with a smile.

Zanvil didn't utter a word. He moved his gaze from our intertwined hands to Gray's extended hand and again he shifted his gaze to my face. He took Gray hand after a few minutes and said "Zanvil Adams." while shaking his hand his gaze was still on our intertwined hands.

And then he pointed to the person standing behind him. I didn't notice someone was standing behind him. "Meet Hazel Smith" he introduced her and then I saw a beautiful girl was standing beside him.

She said "Hello" in a soft voice while flashing her smile to us. She is so beautiful with her brown locks, milky white skin, and hazel colored eyes. Her name suits her any man will fell in love with her. Maybe her beauty caught the devil's eyes and he fell in love with her.

He has such a beautiful girlfriend.

Thinking about this caused cramps in my stomach. I don't know why. I averted my eyes from her and when my gaze meets with him. He was already staring at me. His face was telling that he was expecting some reaction but I just cleared my throat.

"Come Gray lets go inside aunt must be waiting for us

she said while smiling. Listening to her words I got choked on the water which I was drinking while listening to their conversation.

Did she say, brother?

Did I hear it correctly is she, not his girlfriend?

Then why he lied to me?

I was still coughing. Gray handed me a napkin and he was rubbing on my back in a soothing way. All of them asked if I'm OK except one person.

"Yes I'm ok, " I said in weak voice after that we eat dinner quietly. While leaving Gray asked Hazel if she wants a lift. Which she accepts when Gray told her that his house is in the same way. I said bye to Gray and Hazel and I was about to leave for my room but someone caught my hand.

"What happened to your wrist Jane, " the person who caught my hand asked me a question in demanding and concerns voice while inspection my both wrist. Colour from my face got drained. My both wrists had bright red bruises on it.

I tried my best to hide them all day. They were stinging with pain but I ignored them throughout the day.

How should I answer his question of how I got them?

How can you be so careless, Jane?

"Hmm, uncle" ?mere whisper came out from my mouth.

How will I explain to him that his son has put them there…

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