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   Chapter 9 No.09

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 8078

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When I was near the stairs then there I saw Rose was standing there. She is one of the maids in-house. She must be five years older than me. She is a very humble person. She is like an older sister to me. I went near her and asked, "What happened, why were you calling me".

"Are you ok?" she asked me in a worried voice.

"Yes, I'm OK " why is she asking me like that.

"Then why are you breathing so hard is something wrong are you not feeling well, '' she asked me.

Then I realized I was breathing heavily "Yes. Everything is ok I was just running because you're calling me I'm totally fine."

"O is that so, " she said while nodding.

"Why were you calling me, " I asked her again.

"O yes I totally forgot. Madam was calling you. She needs your help to select a dress for her. She is expecting you in her room" she replied with a smile.

"OK let's go. Is she going out?" I asked while following her.

"I don't know if she only told me to find you because she needs your help, " she said while heading in direction of aunts room.

I just hmm in response. I went to Aunt Jennifer's room. I was standing in front of her room door. "O Jane you came, come here, I need your help". I entered her room. She was looking at her dresses with confusion. "Please help me to choose a dress for tomorrow, " she asked with a happy smile.

"For tomorrow. Are you going out, " I asked her.

"Yes, I'm going out with your uncle. He is taking me to some charity ball. I'm so excited after so many days I will spend some time with him". She is so excited about it. I smiled at her.

"OK, I will choose a beautiful dress for your uncle won't be able to take his eyes off you, " I said to her playfully.

"Jane stops teasing me. Help me to choose the best dress, " she said to me while blushing. I choose a red color gown for her. It would look beautiful on her. She was happy after looking at the dress she thanked me which was not needed. I always felt happy helping her.

Now I was in my room thinking of my aunt. She was so happy when I choose a dress for her. She really wants to spend some time with uncle. He was so busy in the past few weeks because of business after all he needs to manage his empire. Suddenly my thoughts shift to what happened today.

"you're going to pay for it, " his words were playing in my brain like a tape recorder.

What is he planning to do with me?

Is he planning

commanding voice like ordering his son.

"Of course dad, your wish is my command. I will take very good care of her for you and don't worry she won't feel bored" he said while smirking at me. Uncle has signed my death certificate.

There is no escape from it I'm totally doomed.

" l know son you will take good care of Jane" aunt said it and she was smiling at me. Why is an aunt so happy about it. God please open the ground and swallow me. I want to escape from this world.

I stood up from there. I said goodnight to uncle and aunty keeping my cool. I can't show them that I'm in danger. I walked from there. When I reach stars I started running. I ran till I reach my room l locked the door.

Locking door won't help he has keys remember.

"Shit, I'm not safe in my room. I'm not safe in this house. What should I do?" I was laying in my bed. What will he do tomorrow for me? Is he going to murder me? He hates me so much I can see it in his eyes. Tomorrow I'm going to be alone in this house with him. There will be some servants but they can't save me they all fear him. Tonight I have to think of something I don't want to die. I'm too young for it.

Suddenly I remember his words "I was preparing something, I think someone won't sleep tonight, ". What if he brags in my room now. I have to think of something fast or else I will be dead till tomorrow. I heard the door of my room opening sound.

My heart started beating very fast. My body became numb. here to take his revenge. The door of my bedroom opened and then what I saw made my eyes pupils dilated..............

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