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   Chapter 8 No.08

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 7669

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I woke up at seven in the evening, l touched my face it was wet. I fell asleep while crying. Stepping down from the bed I went to the bathroom. After washing my face l glared at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes were swollen and red my face was looking like a pumpkin.

I stepped out of the bathroom and went to my walk-in closet. Taking out clothes to change. While I was changing my clothes my stomach started growling. I placed my hand on it.

"I didn't have my lunch I'm starving." After I was done with changing l went down to the kitchen to find something to eat. When I entered the kitchen aunt Jennifer was making a snack.

"O you woke up. Come I have prepared snacks for you. You must be hungry, you didn't have your lunch. When I came to ask you. You were sleeping so I let you sleep" she said in a motherly manner. I was still standing there and watching her. How can mother and son be so different? Aunt is so nice and her son is devil how is that possible. "why are you still standing come here snacks will get cold, " she called me again.

I went there and sat on the chair. I took the first bit of it "hmm it is very tasty." I complimented her.

"Thanks", she replied with a smile, in this house, there are so many servants but there is no cook. When I asked her why they don't have a cook. She told me here family should eat food made by their mother.

Aunt Jennifer likes to cook for her family and she cooks really well. I have almost finished eating my snacks. "Jane, " aunt Jennifer called me.

"Yes, " I said while taking the last bit of my snacks.

"Can you take this to my son's room, " I almost choked on my water.

"What, " I said while coughing.

"Are you ok Jane, " came aunt Jennifer's worried voice now she was rubbing my back.

"I'm ok, " l said while coughing.

"Are you not feeling well dear". She asked me in a worried voice.

"I'm totally fine", I replied to her and this time without coughing. Listing to my reply. Her facial muscles relaxed.

"Will you take it to his room, " she asked me again after some time.

There was no reason to deny her finally I said "Yes". I saw happiness in aunt Jennifer's eyes. Why is she happy because I'm taking snacks to her son's room. I don't get it.

I took the tray from her hands with a faint

have to do something, but his grip is so tight on my hands. How will I push him?

"Miss Jane, Miss Jane". I heard someone calling me. That sound started coming near us. "Miss Jane......Miss Jane, are you there." It was one of the maid's voices. He also heard the voices but he was not letting me go. His grip was still strong on my hands. What if someone saw us like this, what will they think. I started panicking. His face is so close to mine.

He was observing all my uneasiness. While panicking I looked at his face. When our gaze meets he smirked at me. He knew that I was feeling uncomfortable but he believed in giving me though time then his gaze fell on my lips. That voice started coming very close to us. I started panicking more seeing me like that he smirked again. His lips were about to touch mine. I need to get out of these anyhow.

With all my force I stamped on his toe. "Aaaaaa shit" came his pissed in pain voice. His grip became loose on my hands. Slipping from his grip. I ran from the side in the direction of voices. I don't turn back to see his face I just ran but I heard his angry cursing voice.

"You're going to pay for it" Shiver ran through my body. If the situation was different I would have fallen down on the floor flat by hearing his words but I don't stop running. I managed to run without falling because I need to save my life at least temporary.

What should I do? I hit him twice today. He won't let me live in peace in this house. I know he is going to make me pay for it......

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