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   Chapter 7 No.07

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 8940

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After I heard the door slamming sound of my room I slowly opened the door of my bathroom. I peeped out to see if he was still there. Everything was destroyed in my room. It was looking like the storm has come here.

When I was sure. I came out of the bathroom. I started picking all the things. Taking them I went to the full-sized mirror of my dressing table to keep things on it. I was standing in front of the mirror. l glared at my reflection.

"O my god he saw me like that". In boy shorts. I never wanted him to see me like this. I completely forgot what was I wearing.

Involuntarily my fingers started to touch the area where he kissed. There was tickling sensation all over the place where his lips touch my skin. It feels so different when he touches me.

"Jane remove those thoughts from your mind. He just wants to rule your life. He wants to bully you and your not going to let him do that with you." I scolded myself to bring my senses to the right place. Taking a deep breath I removed those thoughts and went to lie on my bed. I was still thinking what if he comes in the night to my room again. What will I do and locking door won't help me he has keys. I need to take those keys from him. I have to steal it from him. The keys to my freedom. I don't know when I drifted to sleep.

The next day I was getting ready for a day out with Jack. After I was ready I went down for breakfast. Aunt Jennifer was placing breakfast on the table. I greeted her good morning. She greeted me back with a smile. I took my set and asked her where the uncle was. I don't ask her about him.

Usual he is here for breakfast at this time. She told me my uncle is busy with some work. He has an important breakfast meeting today. After some time he came down. He took a seat opposite me. While eating my breakfast, I took a look at him. He was straight staring at me. When my eyes meet with his cold one my heart started beating fast. I immediately turned my gaze back on my breakfast. Through breakfast, he was staring at me. He was not eating his breakfast.

I tried to focus on my meal but sometimes was strange. He was just staring at me. Not giving me death glare look. It was like he doesn't care if I go out with Jack anymore. I continued eating.

"What happened to your hand, " came aunt Jennifer's worried voice. I looked at my hands. Nothing is wrong with them. Then whose hands she is talking about. Lifting my eyes I looked aunt was examining his hands. His hand knuckles were bleeding. "How did you get this injury, " she asked him.

I was looking at him and he was looking at his mother. Then he turned and looked straight in my eyes and said in his col

he asked me with a big smirk on his face. Why is he smirking at me and why is he asking like that.

Yesterday night he created such a big scene and today he forgot about it anger aroused in me. But I still answer him calmly "I'm going out with Jack". He smirked at me and that smirk, there was an evil laugh.

"O I forgot he called me today and told me to inform you that he won't come today. Something urgent has come he needs to handle it first, " he told me this while smirking all the time

"When did he called you, " I asked him.

"He called me in the morning, " he said pretending like he is thinking.

"And why are you telling me so late, " I asked with clenched teeth.

"I forgot, " he said in a cold voice. Like he is so innocent and he genuinely forgot about it.

Anger roused in me "you intentionally didn't tell me. You made me wait for him so long" I shouted in an angry voice. Tears were forming in my eyes but I don't let them come out. Why can't he see me happy? I wanted to cry. I turned to run in the direction of my room but he caught me. My body went stiff.

My back was facing his front his hands encircled around my waist. I tried to remove his hands but his grip got stronger he then moved my hair side and whispered in my ear "I told you don't mess with me. I can make your life hell" and he kissed on the back of my neck my heart started beating fast. Then he removed his hand from my waist. Letting me go I ran to my bedroom and locked my room.

I don't care if he has the key. I still locked the door and started crying "I was waiting for Jack for so long. I was so happy to spend some time forgetting everything. I didn't have my lunch too. He is so evil he knew it still he didn't inform me he is the devil", I said while sobbing.......

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