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   Chapter 6 No.06

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 7753

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Now I was sitting in my bed gazing at haunted teddy bear as the aunt said. It was so hard to convince her. It took me almost half an hour to explain to her that Teddy is not haunted. I told her that it is mine but she was not convinced.

She said haunted things pass their negative vibes to people and they started thinking like it is their own thing. And when I asked who told her this, her answer made me laugh but I hold it because she was so serious about it. She told me that she saw it in the last episode of a horror show.

I think she is watching lots of horror show nowadays. When I asked her which horror show. She said Courage the Cowardly Dog and this time it was very hard to hold my laughter. So I bite my lip to suppress it. Correction I think nowadays she is watching lots of horror TV cartoons shows. Maybe she is missing her son a lot because he was good at scaring people.

Now you all think why I'm saying that because he used to scare all my friends wherever they used to come home for studying with me but they never felt to admired his handsomeness. I don't know what they use to see in him. But he was never able to scare Nina my high school best friend thinking about her. I miss her so much, I think she is coming next month from her before graduation internship program.

Aunt Jennifer was still not allowing me to keep this teddy but when I told her it was a gift from someone then she didn't protest it. She allowed me to keep it. I was so happy when she allowed me. I hugged her and said thanks to her. She smiled looking at my happy face. Then taking teddy I went to my room.

Finally, I have my first gift from, my first friend from New York.

I was still staring at teddy did he did this to it.

I had started to go to my new high school and Jack uses to come frequently at home to meet me. We became very good friends. Whenever I use to talk with Jack or laugh with him I use to get lots of cold stares from him. I ignore all of them. On that day, Jack stayed for dinner with us because they were working on their final assignment which they have to submit on Monday.

After dinner, we were all sitting in the living room when Jack asked me if I want to watch a movie with him tomorrow. I said yes because the next day was Sunday and I don't want to sit at home and get bored

ind, Jane, he is bullying you.

He was straight looking into my eyes with his sea-colored one. Then he brushed his fingers on my stomach. His mear touch made my body shiver. He started kissing me on my neck on my jawline with his moist lips. My cheeks started becoming red. I was in complete shock with what he was doing to me.

He stopped kissing and stared straight in my eyes. "Don't go with him?" he said in an angry but in a calm voice.

Is he requesting me? But it doesn't sound like a request. His gaze moved from my stunned eyes to my little trembling lips. He started moving his face down in the direction of my lips.

Holy Batman is he going to kiss me. No, I can't let him kiss me.

His lips were just inched far from mine his grip on my hands lost so I took it as my chances. With all my strength I pushed him hard. He fell down on the floor.

Jumping from the bed I straight run in the direction of the bathroom. Before running away I took a last glance over him. He was so pissed so angry he didn't like my rejection. I slammed the door of the bathroom and locked it. I slide down to the door and sat down on the floor, my heart was beating so fast.

He is going to be so angry at me he doesn't like rejections. It was written all over his face. What will I do now?

Then I heard something hard smacking sound on the wall and after five minutes I heard the door slamming sound.

"H...he is so angry with me. H..he won't spare me this time what will I do now" I whispered to myself in my little trembling voice.....

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