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   Chapter 5 No.05

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 5659

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When I reached home, I was so tired I wanted to sleep. When I entered the living room aunt Jennifer was dressed in cleaning cloths. She was busy with some cleaning like stuff and the room was so silent.

Why is room so silent and why is she dressed like that.

"Why are you dressed like this, " I asked her. Hearing my sudden voice in the silent room she jumped a little bit on her place.

She turned around. Her hands were placed on her chest with a shocked expression on her face. "O my dear you gave me a little heart attack, " she said in her little shocked voice. That word's from her mouth made me remember my mom. She uses to say the same thing when I use to surprise her with my sudden entry. I smile to myself remembering her expression and then shaking my head side to side I removed that thought from my mind. I was in the middle of removing the process of that though.

I don't realize aunt Jennifer was standing in front of me with a worried expression on her face "Is something wrong with your head dear, " she asked me in a worried voice.

"No, " I said.

"Then why are you moving your head, " she asked me in the same voice. Her words made me realize I was still shaking my head. I immediately stopped moving my head.

"O my head, " I grabbed my head with both hands. "No... nothing is wrong with my head".

"Why are you dressed like this, " I asked to change the topic.

"O my dress I was cleaning, " she replied me with a smile.

"Why are you cleaning by yourself did cleaner not came today, " I asked with furrowed brows.

"She is cleaning the other room, " she said with a little smile.

"But we have so many servants they can clean the rooms why are you doing it on your own, " l asked her.

"I have something to take out from the storeroom it is very important and it needs to be clean before it is used so I can't tell servants to remove it" she replied while taking a rag cloth from table.

" you need any help, " I asked her.

"No dear you go and rest I will do it on my own, " she said with a reassuring smile.

"No I'm not tired I can help you a little bit, " I said to her.

"But dear" I grabbed her hand not listening to her protest anymore. I took her to the storeroom because I wanted to help her and it makes me happy. I opened the door and we went inside it was dark inside I switched on the light, aunt Jennifer told me to find a big blue box.

There was dust all over the place "we should tell the servants to clean the room from time to time here is so much of dust" I said to her. She agreed with me and we started our blue box search mission through a layer of dust.

"I think no one came in this room for years, " I said while covering my mouth with my hand. I was searching on the left of the room and aunt was searching in right. Covering my m

outh I was searching for the blue box after twenty minutes "AAAA finally I got it" I said in excitement. It was on top of the shelf I removed it with the help of a stool. I was still standing on a stool with a blue box in my hand, it was quite big. I think there must be expensive cutlery in it, I should hold it with a firm grip.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the screaming voice of aunt Jennifer. I was about to fall down from stool but in time I took hold of the shelf with one hand and another hand on the box. Stepping down from stool l kept a blue box on the table near to me and ran in aunt Jennifer's voice direction.

"What.......what happened, " I asked her with a shocked expression on my face. She turned towards me and point her hand towards the shelf.

"What, " I asked her. There was nothing else than a shelf. With confused eyes again I turned my gaze to the direction of her pointed finger.

My eyes became narrow in that direction for clear sight. My pupil's size widened when I got a clear sight and I turned my gaze again to the aunt. "J..Jane, there is a haunted doll in our house, " she said in a shaking voice while pointing at it. That doll is in very bad condition.

It was dark there because of which that doll was looking scarier, it was colored in red color, one eye was missing, one ear was missing and legs were tried.

"Wait why is this doll fat, " I asked while narrowing my eyes. When I saw it properly it was not a doll. "aunt Jennifer it is not a doll it is a teddy bear, " I exclaimed to her.

"Whatever Jane doll or teddy it is haunted. I'm starting to get negative vibes from it who brought it in our house, " she said in a shaking voice.

"Relax aunt Jennifer I don't think it is haunted". l took it in my hand someone must have forgotten it hears this room was locked for so long. I held that teddy in light for a better look.

"Wait why this teddy bear looks familiar, " I was staring at it for some time. "O my God, " my eyes popped out of my eye socket in disbelief.

"What...what happened Jain, " I don't reply to her I was still in shock. "I knew it. This doll or teddy whatever it is haunted. Throw it Jane look it has started giving negative vibes. Your still not replying me Jane, did..did this doll did something to you, O my God Jane", the room was filled with her panic voice. Looking at her panicked state. I told her teddy bear has done nothing to me and I'm totally fine and again I turned my gaze to teddy.

I saw it last time when he snatched it away from my hands. I protested it but he still snatched it from me. I told him it is my gift but he didn't listen to me.

Why this teddy is in such a bad condition. Does he...he was the one who did this to the teddy.

My body started trembling and a shiver ran through my whole body ......

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