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   Chapter 4 No.04

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 5874

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After sometime aunt Jennifer came into the kitchen I was still standing there like a statue.

She told me her son's friend is going to join us for dinner so we have to prepare some more food.

"Jane are you OK?" she asked me in a worried voice because I had still not responded to her.

"Y..yes I'm OK" I finally replied to her in my weak voice. Then I asked her what more we have to prepare dinner with a faint smile.

When dinner was ready I went to the dining room and I started setting the table.

I know servants can do this but I can handle small chores like this. It's better to do this instead of setting ideal.

I was lost in my work. I didn't notice that he has entered the dining room with his friend and he was staring at me, while I was setting the table. Lifting my gaze up from the table I looked at his friend. His friend was staring at both of us with a smirk at.

Why is he smirking?

I followed his friend's gaze and when I noticed him my body immediately went stiff. Averting my gaze away from him I continued to do my work with a racing heart. He continued shamelessly looking at me while I was setting the table. Soon, aunt, Jennifer came with food. We all took our seat I was seated opposite to him with the aunt. He was sitting with his friend and uncle was sitting on the family head's chair.

"Jack this is Jane, " aunt Jennifer introduced me to her son's friend because her son was not interested in introducing me with his friend.

Jack is a good looking boy with brown hair and a charming smile. "Hello, " Jack greeted me happily.

I smile at me and said "Hello, " and then he started talking to me like we were long lost friends. After so many days I felt like I talked to someone.

"I didn't know I was going to meet such a beautiful girl here, " he exclaimed. My cheeks started becoming red. Most of the time he was talking with me and he also made me laugh by his silly jokes. All the time I was laughing during our dinner. Aunt Jennifer was so happy with Jack's conversation with me because it was her first seeing me laughing so much.

Through our conversation, I was constantly feeling his stare on me but I ignored all those stares on me and enjoyed my dinner. When Jack offered me to show New York, I involuntarily looked at him and I saw his cold sea color eyes have become colder.

I immediately turned my gaze to Jack. I didn't answer him. After some time we all finished our dinner and Jack said his goodbyes to us. While leaving he said to me he will be very happy to meet me again. My cheeks started becoming red again. After he was gone aunt Jennifer advised me that I should accept his offer of exploring New York with him because I had not stepped out of this house in the past two weeks.

I told her "I'll think about it, " with a smile on my face. She smiled back at me. She told me to go and rest remaining work she'll do it. I nodded in response and starte

d heading to my room with a smile on my face.

Maybe today I can sleep in a little bit of peace.

I was about to open my room's door when suddenly someone grabbed my arm and I was pushed against the wall. I was in shock my body went stiff because out of the blue someone pinned me to the wall. It is a little dark here so I couldn't see properly. But soon my eyes meet with cold sea color one. I immediately understood who he was.

He was pressing his body hard against my body. His face was so close to mine that I could feel his warm breath on my pale skin. I glued looking at the angry face."You are not going with him anywhere, " he said in his cold and controlled voice. My eyes widened due to his cold command.

"What, " I exclaimed by looking in his eyes and I saw his cold eyes became colder in dislike.

"I don't like to repeat myself, Jane, " he said by taking my name while moving his face nearer to me if it was even possible. "YOU ARE NOT GOING WITH HIM ANYWHERE, " came his rough but cold controlled voice. I was shocked by his commanding attitude.

Why is he doing this with me? He can't command me like that.

It caused anger to rouse in me "I will go wherever I want to go and with whoever I wish too. It is my choice you are no one to decide for me. You have no rights on me because I don't remember giving it to you" came my angry voice and I started resisting against his firm grip in anger.

Hearing my words his grip on my hand got stronger. He lined till his mouth was near my ear. His lips were touching my ear sending tickling sensation to my body but it was nothing compared to what he did next.

His next words sent a shiver through my body "I have all the rights to you and it only belongs to me because you live in my house you have to obey your landlord or I'll make your life hell in this house, " and then what he did next made my body stiffer.

He pressed soft kissed below my ear. He bloody kissed me below my ear. In a second he was out of my side and I was left alone there. I slide down on the wall and sat down on the floor.

"He... he bloody threatened me..first and then he bloody kissed me below my ear" I whispered to myself in trembling voice while gulping hard.

That night I didn't sleep well thoughts of sleeping in peace was shattered by him in pieces.

I heard some falling sound. Someone has dropped something down and then I looked at Gray who was sitting in front of me. His food was almost finished and he was staring at me. My food was still untouched.

"Are you out of your daydream, " he asked me with fake exciting tone. I narrowed my eyes at him and told him to shut up he was making fun of me. After lunch, we went to the library to take some books for our assignment and then I headed to the home straight.

I was so tired I needed to feel my beds softness against my back, but something was waiting for me at home which I never expected.

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