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   Chapter 3 No.03

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 5952

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After our class was over me and Gray went to the nearest cafe for lunch. We both were hungry like cats and dogs.

"Grey please go fast and bring something to eat, " I said while taking a seat to the nearest table but he was still standing there and observing me with his big brown eyes. You know guys he is very handsome but not handsome like 'him'.

"Why are you still standing here, " I ask him with little furrowed brows. "Go bring something to eat. I'm starving go fast, " I said in my impatience pleading voice. He was still standing there and watching me. If he stares like this to someone else they will go mad but it doesn't work on me. "What?" I finally asked him.

"Jane, " came his cool but demanding voice. "When are you going to tell me what were you thinking during class. What are you always daydreaming about?" he asked me in his serious voice. "From the day we became friends I always saw you spacing out. You are always like that. You don't even talk with me properly during our class or whenever we are hanging out together. Am I that boring?" he asked me in the same voice.

He looks so cute when he is angry.

"No Grey you're not, '' I said with a smile on my face. "Actually you are the first person with whom I feel comfortable, " I said in my calm voice with a small smile.

"Than what is bothering you so much. Is there a problem please tell me maybe I can help you" he asked in his pleading voice with eyes full of concern.

"No Grey I'm ok thanks for your concern". I said while smiling.

"Then why are you always spacing out. Tell me maybe I can help you, " he asked while taking my hands in his to comfort me.

"No, Grey I'm good, " I said with a smile.

"Are you sure?" he asked me again in his concern voice.

"Yes, I am" I replied to him with a small smile.

"You trust me right, " Grey asked me with his serious face.

"Yes, of course, Grey I trust you, '' I replied with a smile on my face.

"Now go bring something to eat I am starving. Cats and dogs are fighting World War III in my stomach", I told him with a smile on my face.

He smiled back at me."OK, I'll go and bring something to eat", and he went to the counter to order.

Do I think so much about 'him'?

He is not even here but he is still controlling my mind. Maybe I can talk to Grey about it.

That thought was immediately discarded by my brain.

Noooo I can't tell about 'him' to Grey. I'm sure he won't be happy to hear about 'him'.

It's been two years since he has gone but still, he has the same effect on me. Like the first day when he had talked with me or to put it in more simple words threatened me. The memory about that day still gives me shiver all over my body.

It's been two weeks since the day I started living in my new house. I was still trying to adjust to my new life without mom and dad. I was missing them so bad. I use to cry every night. The only good things about these two weeks were aunt Jennifer. She was s

o nice to me, I also started helping her in the kitchen like I used to do with mom. She told me there is no need to do such things but I told her I feel good when I help her. Then she never protested about it. But something was strange. Whenever I use to help her or do something else in the house. I felt someone was watching my movements. Someone was staring at me with a cold gaze all the time.

The next day I was in the kitchen helping aunt Jennifer. She went out to take something and again I felt someone was staring at me. So I looked up and I saw 'him'. He was leaning against the kitchen door while staring straight at me. My body went stiff at his cold gaze. I immediately lower my gaze and continued to do my work to avoid his cold stare.

Why is he standing there? Does he need something?

If he needs something from the kitchen, why is he still standing there and watching me?

He never comes into the kitchen. I only saw him during the day three mealtime and did I told you guys he has not even spoken a single word with me till now. He was still standing there staring at me. I don't know how many minutes passed like this.

I started feeling uncomfortable with this situation. But I need to compose myself and act like it is not affecting me. The next thing he did make my heart beat fast. He...he slowly...slowly started moving in my direction.

Does he want something from me? Why will he want something from you? Does he want to ask me when dinner will be ready? Why will he ask you that as if you are making dinner? My inner voice kept mocking at me. Making this situation worse.

Remember he has not spoken a single word with you in the past two weeks. If he wants to ask something about dinner he will ask his mother not you. My inner voice tried to console me.

Then why the hell he is coming near me? I screamed in my mind.

Lifting my eyes I looked at him. A thousand questions were coming in my mind with no answer for them. He was still moving in my direction, he was slowly cutting the distance between us. Now there was only one hand distance between us.

Why is he still moving in my direction?

My brain was repeating this question, again and again, he was still staring at me without blinking his eyes.

What...what will I do now?

My heart started beating very fast. I could hear my wild heartbeat. If he comes to any close to me he will hear it too. In a second, he was in front of me. Unconsciously I lowered my eyes with a racing heart. He was in front of me but he didn't stop in his track. He passed by me while brushing his hand on my arm.

This small touch of this hand sends a shiver to my spine. Passing by me he took something from the refrigerator and went out of the kitchen. I was still standing there like a statue. After he was out of my sight I let it out a heavy breath which I didn't know I was holding it.

What was he trying to do?

Poor me little did I know it was just beginning......

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