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   Chapter 2 No.02

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 5302

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After calming myself I took a glance over my alarm.

"O my god it's nine o'clock already. I'm late, " I yelled in shock to myself. Getting out of bed I started doing my morning actives as fast as possible.

After I was done, I went down in a hurry stuffing my things in the bag. There was no time for breakfast. My first class will start soon and the final year students have to do lots of things.

So tiptoeing I started moving in direction of the main door. I took hold of the doorknob and was about to twist and open it. "You're not living the house without breakfast, " there came a cool and composed voice which made me stop dead in my track. Its aunt Jennifer's voice. She always knows when I'm about to leave the house without any breakfast.

I have started to think she has some special powers. And whenever I asked her she simply smiles at me and tells me it's secret. It always added more fuel to my curiosity.

I took a step back blowing air out of my mouth with the caught face. "But I'm getting late for my class, " I said to her in my pleading voice while turning back. For a second she glanced at me and started serving my breakfast. There was no point in arguing with her. So it's better I finish my breakfast as fast as possible.

The class was already started when I reach university entering I took a seat beside my best friends Grayson Williams. We became friends during the third year because we were in the same project group. Usually, I don't make friends because of him.


My heart started beating fast, I don't know what he will do. If he came to know I have a boy as my best friend. Today again my thoughts drift to him.

I still remember that day when I came to live at Adam's house after my parent's death.

Uncle was my dad's friend. I didn't know my father had a friend who lived in New York. He is a very kind man.

I first meet with him in the hospital after the accident. He was the first person I saw after opening my eyes. He told me he is my father's friend. When I asked about mom and dad he told me only I had survived.

I was so upset after my parent's death he was always with me. All this time he took care of me like my own father.

L accepted his offer when he asked me to live with him and his family because I had nowhere to go. I was only sixteen, I had my own house but I couldn't live there alone.

Memories of my mom and dad were there in that house. It hurts so much to live there alone. Throughout the flight, I was crying. The pain of leaving my house my old life was so much. It was unbearable for me. When I saw myself on the plane washroom my eyes were swollen a

nd the nose was red.

When we arrived at his place my eyes widened in shock. He didn't mention that he lives in a mansion. Wow did it rhymed? I smiled at my silly joke. He Just told me he has his own house in New York with a small family. And they will love to have a new family member like me.

His mansion is so big and beautiful from the outside.

We went inside it was more beautiful from inside. I was gazing all over the mansion then my gaze felt on lady standing in front of me. When our eyes meet she smiled at me wholeheartedly.

I smiled back at her. The Uncle introduced us. Her name is Jennifer Adams, she is uncle Adam's wife she hugged me with so much of affection. It was so warm and full of life. She told me from now onwards this is my house too.

I was feeling strange from the moment I enter this house. Like someone was staring at me but there was no one besides uncle and aunty.

Aunt hugged me again while hugging I saw someone was leaning against the wall behind her. There I saw "him" for the first time. It was dark there so I couldn't see his face. Aunt Jennifer called him she told me he is their only son. He was twenty years old and we would become very good friends and he would be so happy to meet a lovely girl like me.

For a movement, I thought maybe I can make a new friend. I won't be alone in this new place.

She called him again "son why are you still standing there come fast welcome our new family member." Slowly the figure in the dark started moving. I brought a big smile on my face to meet my new friend.

He came in light and stood in front of me my eyes meet with his cold sea color eyes. A smile from my face totally disappears. He was so handsome with cold sea color eyes. He was staring at me without blinking. I was also staring at him and I saw something in his cold eyes. I saw hatred in his eyes towards whom?

My question was answered soon. Without saying anything he left the room. Thought of making a new friend was thrown out of the window by him. With a Homerun and I knew he was not a happy meeting lovely girl like me.

I heard someone was calling my name and my head turned to towards Gray. "Jane I called your name so many time. Are you again daydreaming?" he asked me with furrowed brows. I shook my head in denial. Form his face I know he didn't believe me. He nodded but still, with suspicious eyes, he said "Class is already over. Come on let's go. We have to go to the next class" Taking my hand he started dragging me for our next class. With a smile on my face, I let him drag me.

Again today involuntary I let my thoughts drift to think about "him"...

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