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   Chapter 1 No.01

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 5332

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" on hurry up. Let's go we will get late. Dad is waiting in the car" I shouted in excitement

"Coming honey" she shouted from the kitchen.

But I still kept shouting for her from the main door because I am so excited about our overseas vacation, "Mom... mom.... mom."

She came running after checking everything for the last time in the kitchen. Because we are going for a long vacation after so many years.

Dad was always busy with his work but he never neglects me or mom. He always gives us time and this time overseas vacation.

O my god I am so excited.

I heard the car's horn sound from my behind it made a smile on my face wider.

We were in the car, mom was telling dad that she had checked everything last time before leaving and they got busy in there talking.

Suddenly shout from my mouth made them look back in terror. Mom and dad both in union asked, "What happened honey." Dad halted the car to the side of the road and mom was searching for any kind of injury on my body.

"Is there any injury honey" dad asking in a worried voice. Mom was still examining my body. After being fully showered in a happy voice, she told him there was no injury on my body dad sigh in relief.

"What happened honey? Why did you shout, " mom asked me

"Look mom look" I was showing her the map of Disneyland pointing to the various rollercoaster ride. She was staring at the map. She had no clue what I was trying to show her.

"Is something wrong with your fingers honey why are you moving your finger so fast". She took my hand in her hands and started examining them. Dad was looking at everything from the driver's seat with an amused face. He understood what I was trying to show mom. I smiled sheepishly at him.

"Noo, mom nothing is wrong with my fingers. Look there are so many rides here. We are going to ride on each and every ride, " I said in excitement looking at a map.

"You. Jane Elizabeth Austen" Mom took my whole name in her angry voice. I lifted my eyes from the map and meet with my mom's angry one. She snatched the map away from my hands "You Jane Elizabeth Austen are you trying to give me my very first heart attack" she asked in her angry voice. Looking at mom's angry face me and dad both started laughing very loudly. She looks very cute when she is angry.

Taking the map from my hands she went to the front seat. I and dad were still laughing. Mom's one angry look made us stop laughing but we both were trying to suppress our laughter. But we failed at it and we burst out laughing again and this time mom was also laughing with us too. And again I was telling them what we are g

oing to do once we reach there.

Dad was driving towards the airport and we were halfway to reach the airport. Sun was setting down and the night was going to bloom any time soon. I was so excited about my vacation with my family and I got lost in my dream.

Sudden jerk made me snap out of my dream. Mom's worried voice was echoing in the car. When my eyes were fully open. I saw two big lights coming towards us and it hit our car making it turn upside down. Again the sudden jerk of our car colliding made me hit my head on something very hard.

Blood started oozing from my head. Making my head heavy with throbbing pain in it. I started losing my consciousness and mom's voice has stopped echoing in the car. Not hearing my mom's voice anymore made my already racing heart go wild with more fear. It made breading hard for me. My body was slowly becoming heavy with this unconscious taking over me. But I need to see them. Lifting my body up with a little bit of last strength left in me. I started searching for mom and dad in the front seat. they fine.

I was trying not to lose consciousness. Keeping my eyes open was becoming hard every passing second. Taking hold of the seat to balance my trembling weak body with a slow breath. I looked in the front set there was blood everywhere.

"," I shouted in my cracking voice with a sore throat. All the time trying to keep my eyes open b..but I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Blackness was taking hold of my sight making unconsciousness stake over me. I started hearing the sound of the siren it was ringing all over the place.

"There is someone alive here hurry up bring stretcher fast." A male voice yelled in a panic. These were the last words I heard before unconsciousness took completely over me making me fall into a deep sleep.

I was still hearing the ringing noise which made me short open my eyes and my hands drifted to my head. Searching for any sign of blood.

I was breathing hard but there was nothing. Only sweat was all over my face and head. The ringing sound was coming from my alarm.

Lifting my hand I switched it off. Taking in my surroundings I found myself in my room on my bed realization hit me. Taking a deep breath I started to calm myself. " was just an n..nightmare nothing is going to happen again, " I said while moving my hand on my wildly breathing heart in a soothing manner. How much I try each and every time to make myself forget about that day but it never happens. Fear of that haunting nightmare never went from my heart.

It's been five years but I still remember everything and it haunts me every night…….

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