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   Chapter 900 A Big Surprise

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Instead of answering Ashley's question, Andrew simply held her hand. He then led her towards the villa.

"What are you doing? You're being so mysterious," Ashley murmured.

While still holding onto Ashley's hand with his left hand, Andrew rang the doorbell with his other.

Not long after, the door was opened from the inside.

When Ashley saw who opened it, she was a little confused. It was none other than her mother, Belinda.

"Mom?" Ashley asked with the same confused expression on her face. Then, she looked back at Andrew, hoping to get some answers.

She had no idea what the two of them were up to.

"Come on in, Ash."

Belinda greeted her with a smile while gesturing for her to enter the villa.

When Ashley was about to go inside, Andrew let go of her hand.

"Andy?" Ashley looked at him with an even more puzzled expression.

She didn't know she could be more confounded in a matter of minutes.

"Go inside, Ash,"

Andrew whispered.

"Where are you going? Aren't you coming with me?" Ashley exclaimed when she saw that Andrew was already walking away from them.

But it seemed like Andrew didn't hear what Ashley had said. With carefree steps, he got in the car and left.

"Ash, come on in."

Belinda repeated while she pulled Ashley inside.

"Mom, where is Andy going?"

Based on the expression on Belinda's face, Ashley thought that she must know where Andrew was heading to.

"Ash, stop asking questions and just come with me, alright?" As Belinda spoke, she grabbed Ashley's hand and led her into a room.

To Ashley's surprise, Ellie and Chloe were inside. It looked like the two women were having a good conversation with each other.

When Ashley turned her head to the other side of the room, she found that Amaia and Fiona were also there.

"What's wrong? Why are you looking at us like you don't know who we are?" Ellie was the first one to notice Ashley's arrival. When she saw how Ashley was looking at them in disbelief, Ellie couldn't help but laugh.

"Ashley, I didn't expect that you'd have such a prominent status. You're actually the daughter of the Gu family." Chloe patted Ashley on the shoulder.


"Sister Ashley."

Amaia and Fiona also greeted Ashley.

"Why are all of you here?"


"It's a secret!"

Everyone looked at Ashley with a smile, but they didn't tell her anything.

"What's going on?" Ashley asked, sounding a bit helpless.

"Don't ask too many questions. Just come here. Hurry up and put on some makeup."

Ellie carefully helped Ashley to sit down in front of a big mirror. She then sat beside Ashley. Beside them were several strangers who looked like hair and makeup artists.

"Ah, no, you should change your clothes first."

Ellie lightly hit her forehead. How could she forget it?

"Miss Su, the wedding dress is here." A person came over with a wedding dress in a big box and placed it in front of Ashley and Ellie.

The wedding dress was pure white in color. With a brief look, it was evident that the workmanship and texture were of high standards. Instantly, Ashley was impressed with the garment.

She couldn't help but stare at it in amazement. She was completely astounded.

"What? Why are you so stunned? Go ahead and change into that dress now. Do you need me to help you?" Ellie teased her.

"No, thanks. I can put it on myself."

Ashley finally came to her senses. With the dress in her hands, she walked into the dressing room in

uit and the woman was wearing a white wedding dress. It looked like they were on a very tight and loving embrace.

The woman had a smile that even reached her eyes. Meanwhile, the man who had facial features that made him look impassive was staring at the woman affectionately.

Needless to say, it was Ashley and Andrew in the poster. Ashley didn't even know when Andrew had taken that photo.

Within seconds, Ashley's eyes were filled with tears.

Noticing that, Ellie immediately approached Ashley and said, "Don't cry. Don't forget that you're the bride. Today is a very important day for you."

Ellie knew Ashley was emotional so she wasn't surprised to see her cry. If Ashley didn't cry at that moment, Ellie would have thought that it was an impostor right in front of her.

"You can't ruin your makeup, okay?"

Looking at Ellie and Chloe who were standing beside her with broad smiles on their faces, Ashley smiled back at them. "How can I cry? You're wrong," Ashley denied.

Then, without wasting another second, Ashley grabbed the front of the skirt and walked forward.

Ellie and Chloe looked at each other and giggled a little.

"Amaia, Fiona, follow us."

Ellie turned to the other two and together, they entered the hall with Ashley.

Up until then, Lesley's wedding was considered the most luxurious and grand in the entire J City. But today's wedding completely overshadowed hers.

Andrew and Ashley's wedding was so over the top that almost everyone in J City knew about it. No matter where they were or what social status they had, people all got excited when hearing the news.

As soon as Andrew received their marriage certificate, he wanted to tell the whole world.

He wanted to let them know that Ashley was his wife.

Andrew wasn't giving anyone a chance to take away the woman he loved the most.

All the people present were in such a good mood. Everyone had a smile on their faces and laughs could be heard all around the hall. Only one man was drinking by himself in the corner.

Haley grabbed the glass of wine from the man's hand and said, "Duncan, look at yourself! It's just a woman. Is it really necessary to do this to yourself? There are still so many beautiful women out there! You don't have to treat yourself like this for a woman who's already married!"

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