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   Chapter 899 Shy

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Since Andrew spoke very softly, Ashley didn't hear what he said.

When Ashley woke up, she turned over to her side. But she bumped into what seemed like a broad wall of muscle. Instantly, she could feel that the skin was very warm.

She clearly felt the contours of the muscles in his body and her hands found their way to his tight abdomen.

Ashley was stunned for a while. When she opened her eyes, she saw Andrew's chest right in front of her. And she found her hand on top of both his pectorals.

While Ashley was still in a daze and hadn't come to her senses, Andrew's voice came from above her head.

"Do you want to touch my muscles more?" Ashley couldn't see his face, but she could imagine that he was smiling broadly.

However, the answer that Ashley gave even surprised her.

She actually refused and said no.

As soon as she responded, Ashley couldn't help but have the urge to bite her tongue off.

She couldn't believe how she had answered his question at all.

"No, I didn't mean it like that. I'm just—It was enough for me," Ashley explained right away.

After that, she quickly took her hand back.

She felt a little annoyed that Andrew was obviously teasing her. She then wondered, 'Shouldn't he have left early in the morning?

But why was he still here?'

"It's okay. If you're not yet satisfied, just take your time... I am your husband, after all. So of course, you have the right to touch me,"

Andrew whispered while moving closer to her.

Ashley's eyebrows unknowingly twitched.

Andrew was very shameless so early in the morning.

Since he was teasing her like that, Ashley figured that he wouldn't mind if she were to really do what he just said.

Before Andrew could react, Ashley threw herself at him. Her hands roamed all over his body. Afterward, she swiftly ran into the bathroom.

After she left, Andrew could vaguely hear Ashley's voice coming from the bathroom. With a hint of pride in her tone, it seemed like she was saying, "Well, I'm done with touching your body. Now, you will have to do whatever you like to satisfy yourself in bed."

The expression on Andrew's face turned gloomy when he heard her from the bathroom.

In the early hours of the day, it was clear to Ashley that men had the strongest sexual desires.

Andrew laughed in his deep voice.

A while after that, Ashley and Andrew came out of the bedroom together.

Walking in front of him, Ashley looked impassive. She was totally indifferent to Andrew who was behind her. While trying to ease her sore hands, she didn't know how many times she had already cursed Andrew in her head.

She was too annoyed for being teased, so how could she still be so affectionate towards him?

"Are you mad?"

Ashley was ignoring Andrew, but that didn't mean that Andrew would ignore her as well.

Andrew stepped forward to catch up with her. He then held Ashley's hand. His tone, which was usually firm and rigid, was soft and gentle this time. "I'm sorry. Let me help you soothe your hands."

But Ashley only rolled her eyes at him.

She didn't want to believe him.

After all, every man on the planet was skilled in telling lies.

However, when her gaze met his, Ashley couldn't help but simply nod at him.

Andrew's eyes lit up. He held Ashley's hand and gently rubbed it for her.

To her surprise, the way he was massaging her hand actually worked. Soon enough, she felt comfortable.

"My lady, Master."

When Linda saw how intimate the couple was, she looked at them with a smile on her aging face.

Ashley and Andrew seemed to get along quite well with each other. This was what Linda and their staff wanted to see all the time.



When she pulled down the window, the wind immediately blew into her face. But it didn't matter to her. She just stared at the scenery outside which seemed to fly by.

She hadn't been out like this for a long time.

Her pregnancy, most specifically, the baby inside of her, always made her sick, so Ashley had to stay at home most of the time.

Now, she had the precious chance to go out. This was just what she had been hoping to do.

"Close the window,"

Andrew said to Ashley whose hair was becoming a little messy because of the wind.

'What if she caught a cold?' Andrew thought, worried about his wife.

"No, just let me enjoy the wind for a while." Ashley looked at Andrew with a begging expression.

Andrew stopped what he was doing, but he didn't close the window.

"Fine, you can keep the window open for five more minutes."

Ashley just glared at Andrew in response.

He was so bossy.

Worse was that she knew that he meant what he said. If he said that she only had five minutes, then she couldn't extend it even for just a mere second.

Finally, he closed the car window when the five minutes were up. Ashley could no longer open it by herself, because it had been electronically locked.

Feeling a little bored, Ashley propped up her face and looked at Andrew. "Andy, where are you taking me?"

"We're almost there. Please be patient."

No matter how much Ashley asked, Andrew wouldn't tell her where they were going.

When Ashley felt a little sleepy, the car finally stopped.

Ashley hadn't fallen sound asleep, so she woke up as soon as the car's engine was turned off.

"Have we arrived?"

Ashley asked.

"Yeah, we're here."

Andrew got out of the car himself. Then, he walked to the other side to help Ashley.

"Where are we?" Ashley asked while looking at their surroundings.

She was confused for a while, which was understandable because what was in front of her was a very luxurious villa. It looked modern and classy since the features were not exaggerated at all.

In terms of style, the villa had a new Chinese architectural design. Ashley didn't know much about structures, but she could tell that it was ancient, particularly elegant, and magnificent.

If she didn't know Andrew well, she might think that Andrew wanted to sell her.

"Why did you bring me here? What is this place?"

Ashley looked at Andrew, a little puzzled.

"Let's go inside. Then, you will know the answer."

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