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   Chapter 812 Dumbfounded

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"Good boy!" Ashley dotingly said before kissing Fabio on the cheek.

Ashley watched her son go down the stairs before she walked back into the bedroom. Her conversation with Fabio had lasted long enough for Andrew to have already changed his clothes.

But she found no one in the bedroom. Upon checking the bathroom, she found the door open from inside.

Andrew, who was wearing a casual gray suit, stood in front of Ashley. With a grey T-shirt and grey trousers beneath the suit, the 180 cm tall man looked like a model. No one would be able to tell that he was already in his late thirties.

Naturally, Ashley's eyes lit up as she saw Andrew wearing the new clothes.

Earlier, she had thought that he would look great in the suit. As it turned out, she was right!

After all, the combination of his handsome face and great physique would suit any type of clothes.

"So what do you think?"

Andrew certainly noticed the amazement in Ashley's eyes, but he still wanted to hear her compliment him out loud.

In fact, Andrew was not used to wearing this type of clothes. On a normal basis, he would only wear his business suits.

Ashley took two steps forward to help Andrew make some adjustments. Then, she stepped back a little and wore a smile on her face before responding, "Well, it looks great on you. It fits you perfectly."

By that point, Ashley was determined to buy him a few more of such kind of clothes. He was just so stunning in her eyes that she couldn't veer her eyes away from him.

His wardrobe was full of nothing but suits. He had been accustomed to his business suits for so long, it would be great to occasionally mix it up.

Ashley nodded her head in approval.

She walked over and gently took Andrew's hand. "Well, let's go downstairs to have breakfast. We still have to send off the two kids to school afterwards."

"That's sounds great."

Ashley held Andrew's hand while she led him to the stairs.

"Richard, Daddy is very hungry. Let him have that bowl of porridge first, okay? Mommy is going to fill up another bowl just for you."

"Okay, Mom."

Richard obediently nodded.

Ashley prepared another bowl of porridge and placed it in front of Richard. Meanwhile, Fabio just blinked and kept his mouth shut.

Andrew's behavior was starting to irritate Chant. He looked at Andrew and said with disdain, "Well, you're a father now. But look at what you have done! Stealing food from your son?"

Andrew turned to Chant as well and retorted, "It find pleasure in it."

It was enough to upset Chant to the point that he started

chocking on the congee in his mouth. If he had said this to Andrew in the past, the man would definitely not have paid attention to it. He would just quietly do the right thing.

But he didn't expect Andrew would talk back this time.

"Great-grandpa, eat it slowly. Don't get yourself choked."

Richard got up from his seat and placed his little hand on Chant's back. He started to gently pat it while the elder man continued to choke on his food.

"Great-grandpa, be careful with the food." Fabio also tried to comfort him.

His great-grandsons' caring behavior pleased him to a great extent. Now he didn't even bother to bicker with Andrew anymore.

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