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   Chapter 807 Congratulations

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However, Ashley's message was unanswered.

When Ashley was about to call Chloe to find out the reason, she received a sad message from her.

Well, the message was actually more like Chloe ranting about Nolan's restrictions on her.

Apparently, he would no longer allow her to play on her cellphone like she used to.

Ashley replied, smiling, "He is just looking out for you and he is just after your own good. You are pregnant now. Your health is the top priority."

She got no reply from Chloe for a long while again. Thinking of the words that Chloe had said to her just now, Ashley thought that she might not have time to use her cellphone to reply, so she put her cellphone away and got back to work.

Ashley's company was now getting on the right track in J City, of course, with Andrew's help.

Although Ashley did not want to ask him for help, Andrew had lent a hand without her knowledge. Otherwise, Ashley would have picked a fight with him over it.

But what Andrew had done was only a small matter. Many things could only be done by Ashley. Besides, Andrew knew that Ashley wanted to get it all done by herself.

Of course, Andrew did not interfere with Ashley's decisions. Instead, Ashley had his full support.

A new semester would begin in September. Soon, it would be time for Richard and Fabio to go to school.

Richard would be in fifth grade. Because Fabio had just started schooling, he would be in kindergarten and could not yet go to primary school like Richard.

Also, Fabio was smarter than other children at his age, and did not think it was fun to hang around those kids who cried a lot. He did not even want to have any contact with them at all.

But Fabio was too young to go to first grade. They had to send him to kindergarten and let him study in preschool for a while.

s just about to go to bed," he answered.

"Very well. Remember to go to sleep early tonight. You have school tomorrow, okay?"


"Brother, can I sleep here tonight?" Fabio walked over and took Richard by the hand.

Richard gave a nod and said, "Of course. No problem."

"Great! Thank you!"

Ashley was happy to see her two kids get along well with each other. She tucked them in and covered them with the quilt. Then she kissed them on the foreheads and said, "Good night. Mommy is going to bed, too."

"Good night, Mommy."

"Good night, Mommy."

Having put the children to bed, Ashley turned off the light and left the bedroom.

After Ashley stepped out, Fabio turned around and looked at Richard. He asked, "Do you think it's fun in kindergarten?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Mommy is going to take me to kindergarten tomorrow, but I don't want to go there. I think the kids there are sticky, and they cry all the time. It's not fun at all," Fabio said anxiously.

Richard pressed his lips together. He did not know what to say.

Before he could say anything, Fabio continued, "When you were in kindergarten, had you met some sticky children? Didn't you think they were annoying?"

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