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   Chapter 804 Am I Really Pregnant

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Families with a great amount of wealth and influence usually had their own private doctors and the Cheng family was not an exception.

The doctor felt Chloe's pulse for quite a while. Then, he asked Chloe to let him check her other hand.

He spent almost fifteen minutes feeling her pulse.

Chloe felt bored and kept shifting her feet. Then, she looked at Nolan and said, "I've already told you that I'm fine. Why won't you believe me? Look, the doctor can't even figure out anything after checking for so long."

The doctor suddenly took back his hand and looked at Nolan. A rare surprise could be seen on his wrinkled face. "Congratulations, Mr. Cheng! Your wife is pregnant. In my estimation, it has only been a little more than a month, so it's not that obvious right now. I couldn't see it at first, but after careful examination, it's clear that she is pregnant."

The doctor breathed a sigh of relief afterward.

If he wasn't mistaken, Nolan was about to lose his temper just moments ago.

"Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Cheng," Addis happily exclaimed while looking at Nolan and Chloe.

Addis had been working for Nolan for the longest time. Seeing what Nolan had done for Chloe, he knew that the man loved her very much. Now that Chloe was pregnant, how could he not be happy?


After hearing the doctor's words, Chloe stared at him in disbelief.

"Are you sure? I... I'm pregnant? Am I really pregnant?"

she kept asking while looking at the doctor. She would have never expected it to happen to her. After all, it was all too sudden.

Just today, Chloe was thinking that her friends had all become pregnant and had their own children. She was wondering when she could be like them, having a baby of her own. How amazing it was that her silent wish had suddenly turned into reality on the same day! She was so surprised, to say the least.

The doctor was a little offended that his professional skills were being questioned. He had been working for the Cheng family for so many years.

He had always made himself feel better with the thought that even if he wasn't as good as the ancient famous doctor Hu


Before she realized it, he had already left.

She then thought that the only person he could ask was the old doctor.

Sitting in the bedroom, Chloe took out her phone and couldn't help but send a message to Ashley.

"Ashley, I'm pregnant! Waaaaahhhhhh!"

Her message perfectly showed the joy that she was feeling right then.

She couldn't help but post a photo on WeChat Moments. But she didn't outright say that she was pregnant. She just stated that she was extremely happy right then.

Meanwhile, Ashley didn't respond to Chloe right away.

Just as Chloe was about to leave the room and look for Nolan, he opened the door and came in. Chloe ran over to him and asked, "Well, what did the doctor say? Can I eat those dishes?"

She had actually assumed that she could certainly eat the dishes. After all, she was eating with relish earlier.

Nolan saw her eyes sparkled with delight. He then nodded.

"Wow, that's so great! I told you that I can eat them."

While she was speaking, she wanted to immediately run downstairs.

However, Nolan quickly stopped her.

"What's wrong?"

"Slow down."

"Oh, yes, I'm pregnant now."

Nolan held her waist and together, they went downstairs. As she requested, he took away the braised fish and brought her a bowl of rice.

After some time, Chloe finished a few bowls of rice. She was smiling with a satisfied expression on her face throughout the meal.

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