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   Chapter 801 Cynthia's Dull Life As A Pregnant Woman

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Chloe came to the villa that Cynthia had moved into and knocked on the door.

It did not take much time before a servant came to open the door for her. "Welcome, Miss Chloe," the servant greeted.

Chloe nodded and walked in, "Is Cynthia here?"

"Yes, she's currently complaining about how boring her life is. Your presence is a breath of fresh air." The servant invited Chloe in as she beamed.

"Hi, Cynthia. I'm here. How are you doing?"

The moment Chloe entered the villa, she saw Cynthia who was trimming her green plants. She ran quickly to her.

"Ah, Chloe! It's so nice to see you today."

Cynthia looked ecstatic at Chloe's unexpected visit.

Ever since Cynthia got pregnant, she had been treated by Zen as if she were a porcelain doll. For the sake of her health, Zen would not allow her to go out. She had been confined to the villa like a prisoner.

There were times when she could no longer endure the boredom staying in the villa, and Zen would put his work aside to go out and have some fun with her.

There was one time when Cynthia had gone out to relieve her boredom with two servants, and something unexpected happened.

She was almost hit by a car. Since then, she had to be accompanied by Zen every time she went out. Otherwise, she couldn't leave the villa.

Moreover, Zen had never felt at ease entrusting Cynthia to the servants since that incident.

Although the yard around villa was big enough for Cynthia to take a walk around, it was not an easy thing to stay in the villa all the time.

Chloe looked at Cynthia's belly with curiosity and asked, "May I touch your belly, Cynthia?"

Cynthia smiled and spoke gently, "Of course."

Chloe then put her h

, nutritious, but it was not suitable for a person like Chloe.

Eventually, Chloe finished her dinner in low spirits.

Not long after, she left promising that she would visit Cynthia again very soon.

Cynthia saw her off with a smile.

Just as Chloe left, Zen arrived. Seeing that Cynthia was in a good mood, he felt relieved.

But he was surprised to see the servants cleaning up two sets of tableware. "You had a guest today?"

"Not a guest. It was Chloe. She accompanied me for the whole afternoon."

Holding Cynthia in his arms, Zen promised, "I'm not going to work tomorrow. Wherever you want to go, I'll take you there."

The doctor had told him it was better for a pregnant woman to walk for her baby's health. So every weekend, Zen would take Cynthia out to have some fun.

But he sounded like he was asking a kid.

Cynthia smiled and did not push him away. "I'm not a child. I'm not interested in playing," she said.

Zen put his hand on Cynthia's belly and said, "Well, I didn't say you were, did I? Honey, how about we go out to play with our child tomorrow?"

This time, Cynthia agreed with a smile.

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