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   Chapter 790 Oh, Men

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6501

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He thought that he and Ashley were good friends, and Ashley and Chloe were also good friends.

So by extension, he and Chloe should be close as well. It was only natural for him to ask that.

"You'll find out soon enough. There isn't much time left, Mr. Wen. Please go and tell Sarah to come."

Derrick took a look at his watch. Almost half an hour had passed. It was almost time for the meeting.

He stood up and left the CEO's office.

When she was left alone, Chloe stood up and went to the French window. She just stood there and felt the warmth of the sunshine. She squinted her eyes at the light.

She was a CEO now.

What she did not know was that she would be confined to her house not long after she had become a CEO.

Suddenly, something occurred to her and she took out her phone. She took some photos of her new office, the French window, and then some selfies.

After that, she pulled up WeChat and sent the photos to the person at the top of her contact list.

After she sent the photos, she sent the person a text message saying, "Ha-ha, look at my new office. What do you think? Isn't it nice? And don't I look stunning?"

At the Cheng Group...

A group of senior leaders were having a meeting.

A senior manager was talking about last month's profit.

Nolan sat at one end of the table. He heard his cellphone ringing. When he took it out, he saw several pictures of the office as well as a few selfies sent by Chloe

His eyes narrowed at the photos he just received. Chloe was not so happy when she came to his office. Now she was happily working in the company that Ashley gave her?

He took a look at the selfies Chloe sent. In one of them, she was sitting at her desk with a pot of a succulent plant next to her face. She pursed her lips in one photo and grimaced in another. Nolan found it very cute.

Nolan touched Chloe's face on his cellphone screen, an unreadable smile spreading across his

They were not all directors when Ashley took over the company because quite a few of the directors then disagreed to the company's acquisition.

However, Duncan had made up his mind to sell the company to Ashley then, and so the directors were not able to fight against him. When Ashley presided over the first meeting with the directors, she fired all those who bore a grudge against her.

Now that the company belonged to her, and it was not the same kind of company that it used to be.

However, Ashley did not see Sarah then because Sarah was holding an exhibit in M Country at that time.

Truth be told, the grudge that Ashley bore against Sarah was not that heavy. Although she was kicked out of the company because of her and she had been devastated for a while because of it, she could see that God opened a window for her after a door was shut to her face.

If Sarah had not schemed to get Ashley fired, Ashley would not have gotten one of her greatest achievements.

So although sometimes Ashley recalled how miserable she had been because of Sarah, she still could not help feeling grateful for what Sarah had done.

Without her, she would not have achieved so much.

Ashley had wanted Sarah to give her an explanation before, but now she had dismissed the thought.

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