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   Chapter 769 An Evil Motive

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Jacob's parents eyed him anxiously and urged him to speak.

"Angelina, come home now. I have something important to tell you," he said with the most severe tone he could muster.

Although Angelina was several years older than him, the latter never bothered to address her as an older sister. Instead, he would always call her by her first name.

Growing up as a spoiled brat, Jacob never applied for a job after graduation and instead just idled around, playing computer games and partying at bars and clubs every day of the week.

Because of this lavish lifestyle, he had almost used up all the money that the Gu family had paid them. That was how irresponsible he was in squandering all the wealth that they had received.

In fact, he even had the inclination to gamble, with the idea of making a lot of money the easiest way he knew.

Obviously, the Li family needed more money now. That's why they called Angelina.

And this important thing he was about to tell Angelina all started when Hannah discovered a piece of paper while cleaning the house.

They had rummaged through Angelina's room to see if there was anything valuable before they moved into their new apartment.

And to their surprise, they found a DNA report involving Angelina and Jeremy.

Angelina was doubtful of her true identity, so she stole Jeremy's saliva and went to the hospital to have her speculations confirmed. And much to her expectation, the result revealed that she didn't share even a tiny drop of the Lu family bloodline.

At first, these cunning people paid no attention to that report because they still had money at that time. Aside from that, they didn't bother to stir any ruckus since they had just moved into a new house.

Their former house was too crowded and cramped, so the DNA result was put aside randomly and forgotten.

But, they didn't expect to have it rediscovered again after 5 years. And this time, it had become very important.

So without wasting any more time, Jacob immediately called Angelina, intending to make full use of the report.

As the devious family irritated Angeline to the core, her impatient tone resounded on the other line.

"Can't we just talk about it over the phone? I have no time to personally go there," she uttered before hanging up and putting her phone aside.

Immediately after, she started her car and drove back home.

Angelina now held a quite superior position in the Gu Group as arranged by Jeremy himself. After all, what was the use of her CEO brother if he couldn't get her at least a managerial position in the company?

And although she was not really required to earn money, Angelina still went to work every day, playing her part for the family.

Angelina's cold voice over the phone didn't intimidate Jacob at all. He had been like this ever since he had known her.

"Are you sure you won't come?"

he asked again, now in a calmer and tempered tone.

"I said I don't have time right now. Talk to me on the phone if you want."

"I'm afraid I can't make it clear over the phone. We really need to talk in person."

Jacob's sarcastic laugh resounded on the other line––much to Angelina's annoyance.

She got a bad feeling about this and felt like something was at bay.

And she was r

mother, didn't recognize her at first sight.

Evidently, Angelina was now on a whole different level than Hannah's family. Even though the latter had gotten a significant share of fortune from the Gu family, they were still living a humble life, and nothing big had changed.

Angelina wore a blank face and merely glanced at them indifferently. "Aren't you looking for me?" she said nonchalantly.

Hannah pulled a long face and asked, "Are you Angelina?"

The former just had to confirm and blinked twice since Angelina looked very different from when she last she saw her. She was now beautifully dressed and looked gorgeous as opposed to how simple she was before.

In fact, whenever she walked in the street, heads would turn, and all eyes would be on her. That was how enchanting she was now.

Some people would even feel ashamed to stand right next to her, but Angelina was oblivious to all these.

Angelina tossed Hannah a smirk.

"Come in," Hannah uttered and stepped back.

Although she was ushering her in, her face evidently showed no trace of happiness at all.

With her cold face still on, Angelina stepped in, vowing that she would never set foot in this place ever again.

Soon as she settled in, she was welcomed by several pairs of eyes intently staring at her.

Frankly, it was awkward and embarrassing for her.

For every step she took and every movement she made, those eyes would follow her.

"Are you Angelina?" Thomas asked the same question, also staring intently at her.

In fact, Angelina's appearance didn't change at all. The only difference lay in her temperament and branded clothes.

Three people from the Li family gazed at Angelina in disbelief with eyes wide open and mouth almost agape.

As she stared back at them, she couldn't help sneering, "Don't look at me with such doubt. If I were not Angelina, why would I be here then?"

Meanwhile, Jacob eyed her greedily. It was this woman who had brought a dramatic change to their lives.

Even the neighbors had changed their attitude toward them as they heard of Angelina's capabilities. But none of the Li family members had talked to anyone about Angelina's job.

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