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   Chapter 768 Weak Points Betrayed

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Lesley looked up from her desk, her brows furrowed in confusion. 'The daughter of the Gu Group?

Did I hear that right?

As far as I know, the boss of the Gu Group only has one child, a son named Jeremy if I'm not mistaken. Who is this young woman called Angelina all of a sudden?'

Back then, when the Gu family had first found Angelina, they planned to hold a banquet to celebrate her return so that all the prominent families in J City knew that the Gu family had a daughter.

At first, Angelina agreed to hold the celebration. But somehow, she convinced Belinda to cancel the banquet. So until now, there were only a handful of people who knew about Angelina: those who were well-acquainted with Jeremy and those who were well-informed. Other than that, no one knew of Angelina's existence.

Lesley was wearing a lavender, knee-length dress made from fine silk. Her blonde hair curled like ripples. Leaning back on her chair, she crossed her legs and looked at her secretary. "Alright, send her in."

"As you wish, President Feng."

Her secretary nodded and went out.

Lesley sat in her office chair and sighed. Now, she was starting to realize that what she said to Ashley at that time was too impulsive.

She had framed up Ashley so many times. How could she believe Lesley so easily?

However, Lesley didn't regret what she had done to her. Although it was true that she liked Andrew, she had already given up on him. Thinking of what she had done before, she actually found it a little funny.

"President Feng, Ms. Angelina Gu is here."

The secretary brought Angelina into Lesley's office.

"You may take your leave," Lesley waved her had abruptly.

Without another word, the secretary bowed slightly and left.

As the door closed, Lesley looked at Angelina thoughtfully. "What can I do for you?"

Lesley's expression made Angelina feel resentful.

Maybe it was because of how she felt that life for her had been unfair or because of her real identity which was nowhere near what she had now. It constantly troubled her that someone might find out about the truth and expose it to the public.

Now a noble lady from a renowned family, she was still inclined to compare her with Lesley every time she saw her. Lesley's elegant behavior even irritated her a lot.

Despite this, she managed to swallow all the negativity brewing in her heart. After all, she came to ask for help. She had to subdue her bad mood in front of Lesley.

Angelina took a step forward and squared her shoulders. "Lesley, Ashley is back in town. And worse, she's also with Andrew now. Did you know that?"

Lesley stared at her without saying a word.

'It looks like this is the first time she's heard of this, ' Angelina thought to herself.

In truth, Lesley had already gone to see Ashley and even had a talk with her.

"I saw Ashley again today. She was with Andrew. They looked very close.

Andrew is your fiancé. You can't let Ashley take him away!"

Angelina continued, the words pouring out of her mouth thoughtlessly as her ha

ing to do with Jacob or any other members of the Li family. Screw them!'

What's more, Angelina had told them that she had severed her ties with Li family.

The moment they got their payout, the Li family had nothing to do with her anymore.

In an apartment downtown, Jacob tossed his phone on the sofa and grunted. "Dad! Mom! Angelina hung up on me!" he snapped angrily.

"That damn bitch! Who does she think she is?" Hannah retorted angrily. "She has forgotten who raised her. Now she's living a luxurious life. No doubt she has forgotten us, the wicked girl!"

"Alright, alright! What's the use of screaming our head off?

Keep calling until she answers the phone. We have our trump card against her. When she figures that out, she'll think twice about going against us again,"

Tomas chimed in with a cold smile. "Even though she probably feels like she's an invincible phoenix, she's really just a meek, little sparrow deep inside. It's pitiful, really. I don't know how she became the daughter of Gu family."

Thinking of the report they found in Angelina's bedroom before, Jacob's impatience was replaced by excitement. He picked up his mobile phone and called Angelina again.

Angelina, on the other hand, thought that the Li family would be smart enough not to call her anymore.

Just after Angelina hung up the phone again, the screen lit up once more as Jacob incessantly tried to call her.

Even though she kept declining the call, Jacob would instantly just call again.

Losing her patience, she finally picked it up.

"What do you want?" Angelina said through gritted teeth.

Aside from the face that her ties with the Li family had been cut, she wasn't even their biological daughter in the first place. It was because of this fact that they had not treated her that nicely. With so much bad history between them, it was understandable that Angelina would behave like this towards them.

"She answered this time, mom."

Jacob called out to his parents as soon as Angelina's voice came through.

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