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   Chapter 766 Are You That Jealous

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The waiter looked into Andrew's eyes and twitched his mouth, unable to comprehend why Andrew was so hostile towards him.

But in the next second, he understood everything as he saw Ashley in Andrew's arms.

Was it because Ashley answered the waiter's question? It was their job to do that, after all. The waiters had to greet all customers.

Not wanting to cause any trouble, the waiter went back to his post to resume his work while Andrew and Ashley enjoyed their steak.

Ashley consumed her steak intently, but Andrew still cast a sullen glance at her. 'Is the steak more worthy of her attention?' he secretly sneered.

After their meal, Ashley dabbed her mouth with a napkin and began to play with her cellphone.

She had an hour at noon to eat and rest. Now that half an hour had passed, she figured that she could still take a nap if she went back to her office immediately.

"Are you done?" Ashley asked as she looked across the table at Andrew who was still leisurely eating his steak. They could leave if Andrew was done.

"Yes." He nodded.

"Mommy, the steak here is very delicious. You have got to try it! We're lucky I got a reservation."

Just when Ashley and Andrew were about to get up, they suddenly heard a crisp female voice which sounded somewhat familiar.

Ashley turned her head and saw an elegant lady in branded clothes walking past them gracefully.

Although Ashley was familiar with her shape and her voice, she couldn't figure out who she was.

After all, it had been five years. Even a person with good memory might not recognize someone based only on his or her voice.

Just as Ashley held Andrew's hand and was about to leave, the woman turned around.

Angelina was wearing a tight, red dress, revealing her fair arms and slender legs. With a Chanel bag in her hand, her every move showed the gentleness of a lady from a prominent family.

There was a dazzling smile on her face as she walked arm in arm with Belinda.

A flicke

was why Ashley was sure that the woman recognized her. At that moment, she had no idea that it was Angelina.

Moreover, even Lesley had told Ashley that she was going to get spliced. Who could tell if she was telling the truth or if it was another plot of hers?

After all, Lesley had tricked Ashley before.

Although Lesley's sweet promises seemed quite convincing, Ashley remained doubtful.

Just like the photos that Angelina showed Lesley, Ashley couldn't believe that Lesley had handed here such ammunition so easily. Moreover, Lesley had claimed that she had given up on Andrew.

But there was no way to find out if it was a bluff or not.

Ashley followed Andrew out of the restaurant, distracted by that weird encounter inside. She didn't come to her senses until she felt Andrew's hot breath on her face.

Andrew was several centimeters away from her, as if he would kiss her the next second.

Suddenly Ashley was caught off guard and was surprised when she saw a face so close to hers that she couldn't help but lean back and retreat a few steps.

Inevitably, the back of her head hit the glass window with a loud thump.

It was a hard hit. Ashley held her head helplessly and tried her best to blink back her tears.

It was possible that she might even have had a concussion from the impact.

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