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   Chapter 763 Two Goblins

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6520

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Of course they were curious, but it was not because they cared about Andrew.

They were excited to learn more about the awkward and embarrassing stories their father had.

That was what got Richard and Fabio really excited about.

They all sat on the sofa, the TV volume was dialed down so that they could all chat. A moment later, Andrew came in through the front door.

A frown crept up his face when he saw Ashley smiling happily.

Why was she smiling so broadly at another man?

All of a sudden, a terrible idea came into Andrew's mind -- he wanted to confine Ashley to his room so that her smile could only be seen by him.

Andrew was scared by his own idea. He was at a loss and didn't know how to respond to it.

Looking up, Ashley was the one who first noticed Andrew's arrival. Just a while ago, she was listening to Chant telling stories about Andrew when he was a kid. It surprised her that Andrew could be so cute and innocent during his childhood.

"Hey! You're back," Ashley greeted as she ran up to Andrew.


Andrew said as he stretched out his arms to hug Ashley tightly.

"Grandpa's here," Ashley whispered in his ear.

But Andrew already knew that.

After all, he was the one who invited him over.


Andrew looked over Ashley's shoulder and greeted Chant.

However, Chant wasn't able to greet him back as he was busy doing something with his two grandsons.

"Dinner's ready," Linda announced, coming in from the kitchen. It looked like Andrew came just in time.

When they finally all sat down at the dining table, Chant started to help Fabio and Richard put some food on their plates.

He was not as dignified and cold as he was when Ashley first met him.

Seeing him act so warmly towards her children made her feel happy.

"Let's eat!"

Seeing that Ashley was watching Chant and the kids, Andrew was a little jealous. He picked some sweet and sour spareribs that Ash

o check on my sons,"

Ashley said as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed.

Andrew's face darkened. 'Sons? It was always your sons. Are your sons really more important than your husband?'

Sometimes, Andrew didn't know what he was doing or thinking.

When Ashley was about to open the bedroom door and go out, Andrew suddenly stood up and held her in his arms. "Don't go," he whispered in her ear like a spoiled child.

Ashley looked at Andrew's head on her shoulder helplessly. He was much taller than her, but now he was trying to bury his head in her arms, which looked a little funny.

'Did I really hear that right?' she thought. 'Is he upset that I'm leaving to see Richard and Fabio?'

"I just want to check up on them really quickly. I'll be back soon."

How could she have such a jealous man!

He was even jealous of his own children!

What else could Ashley do about it?

Was there no other way than to just spoil this man?

Andrew tightened his grip on Ashley's waist and asked, "You don't like me anymore. Do you prefer them over me?"

Andrew raised his head and looked at Ashley, expecting to hear her answer.

He was acting like a stubborn child.

Every time the children came into discussion, he would fight for her attention like a spoiled brat.

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