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   Chapter 762 Settling Down

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As soon as Chant found out that Ashley had returned to J City with Andrew and brought the kids along, he wasted no time and rushed over immediately.

Of course, he also brought his people with him.

Now, he wanted to spend the rest of his years with them so he could spend as much time with his great-grandsons as possible.

Ashley had no idea about this yet. In fact, Chant had only decided on this just a couple of days ago.

She didn't know that Chant had made such a quick decision.

As far as Andrew was concerned, Chant was more than welcome to stay here as long as he liked.

Plus, having his grandfather here would allow him to spend some more private, alone time with Ashley. Since Chant would always be around to keep the kids busy, Andrew and Ashley wouldn't have to be interrupted by them every other minute.

At this point, Andrew would do anything to get Ashley all to himself more.

That was the reason behind this.

"Mrs. Lu, don't worry about dinner. We will take care of everything," Linda said with a small bow.

Linda liked Ashley very much.

"Well, let me help you a bit at least," Ashley offered with a smile.

"Oh, Mrs. Lu! You don't have to do that. We can deal with it ourselves," Linda replied with a wide grin, "You can just go and stay with the two kids and Master Chant."

As she spoke, she beckoned the two maids that Chant brought along to follow her into the kitchen.

Andrew had never hired a servant for this villa as it wasn't exactly something he was comfortable with.

What was more, he didn't like the idea of having someone he didn't really know step inside his private space.

So although they hired help, no servant stayed and lived here.

Chant knew his grandson well and so he brought his two maids with him when he came.

"Hasn't Andrew come back yet? asked Chant.

Ashley shrugge

-grandpa, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I didn't see it just now. Let me pat it to make you feel better."

Fabio turned to Chant and patted his face.

"Oh, my dearest grandson. How nice you are!" Chant hugged him.

"Ashley, let me tell you something. Although Fabio and Andrew look almost exactly alike, their personalities are completely different. Did you know that?

When Andrew was about Fabio's age, he kept a straight face. No matter how much I teased him, he would not smile. People who didn't know him would think that he had facial paralysis!

Even when he accidentally fell, he didn't cry or howl like the other kids. Instead, he got up silently and patted the dust off his clothes as if nothing happened.

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have known how tough he was!"

"Really?" Ashley exclaimed, deeply intrigued.

Ever since she had known Andrew, he had always been cold and seldom talked. But now he was much better than before. He was not as reticent as he once was. He would even smile at her occasionally now.

Now Ashley got a chance to know something about Andrew when he was a kid.

Even Richard and Fabio drew in closer, wanting to know more about their father when he was their age.

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