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   Chapter 761 Andrew's Secret

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Moreover, Ashley had given him two great-grandsons.

As she looked at the genuine concern on his face, Ashley couldn't help but feel warm in her heart. "No, Grandpa."

Chant walked into the villa, closely followed by an entourage behind him.

Linda and his steward, Porter, were among them. He also brought along two extra servants.

"Where is my grandson? Let me see him." Chant said to Ashley with eagerness.

Seeing the flock of people flooding into the house, Ashley was at a loss for words. But she was more stunned to see Chant eager to see his grandson.


'Has Andrew told his grandfather about our son?'

Ashley had only to think for a little moment to know that it was Andrew who told Chant about it.

She smiled and replied, "They're on the sofa in the living room. Let me take you there, Grandpa."

Richard and Fabio sat on the sofa, their legs waggling. From time to time, they looked in Ashley's direction. Suddenly, Ashley came in with an elderly man.

Immediately, they stopped what they were doing and looked up at Chant.

Chant's eyes lit up when he saw Fabio. The boy looked exactly like Andrew.

The blank and authoritative expression Chant disappeared as a smile crept up to his face. "You must be Fabio," Chant greeted. "You're such a big boy now!"

From the look on his face, Fabio clearly didn't know who the old man was. Confused, he looked at Ashley, not knowing how he should address this old man.


Who is he?"

"Richard, Fabio... This is your father's grandpa," Ashley explained with a smile.

"So you should call him your great-grandpa."

"Hello, great-grandpa!"


They greeted in unison.

Fabio's voice was so soft and adorable.

While Richard's voice was clear and melodious, like a warm breeze in March that gently brushed against one's face.

"Good, good. Pretty good,"

Chant said as he nodded. He was obviously very delighted w

eed to go out and buy a few things for supper, ' she thought.

"Grandpa, could you stay at home with Richard and Fabio? I need to go out to buy some ingredients for our meal later." Since they had just come back to J City today, the fridge and pantry in the villa were all empty.

Chant waved his hand. "You don't have to do that. I have already asked someone to bring food here, including ingredients. Linda can take care of that," he said.

Ashley followed Chant's eyes and saw that the two maids were carrying bags of fresh vegetables.

'How... Why did grandpa have all of this prepared?' Ashley thought in bewilderment.

What Ashley didn't know was that Andrew had called Chant earlier to let him move in before he came back so that he could take care of his great-grandsons.

Of course, Chant agreed to it without hesitation. This was an extremely exciting news for him, after all!


He had longed for great-grandsons for many years!

That's why he had everything prepared before he came over.

It was a long, intolerable experience for Chant to wait for Andrew. Several days were like a few years since he had known that they had moved in. There was nothing he wanted in the world than to meet and spend some time with his two great-grandsons.

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