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   Chapter 759 I Love Mommy

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One by one, Johnny carried all the luggage inside the villa, leaving them in front of their respective owner's bedrooms.

"Mrs. Lu, these are the boys' rooms,"

Johnny said as he led Ashley down the hallway showing her the rooms for her sons.

While Andrew was still in N Country with Ashley, he instructed Johnny to prepare two separate bedrooms for Richard and Fabio.

There was even a dedicated room for them to play in.

It was filled with toys, art supplies, books, and everything else that the boys would possibly like.

Ashley followed Johnny into each of the rooms. They were spacious and had everything the boys would need.

Each room had a personal bathroom, a small bookshelf, and a work desk complete with a computer. The decoration and layout of both rooms were almost the same.

"President Lu has instructed me to arrange all of this. If you find yourself needing anything else, don't hesitate to tell me at once," Johnny said.

"Okay. Thank you, Johnny. I think we're all good here now."

After a nod, Johnny turned around and left.

Ashley stayed on the same floor and looked around. Everything was pretty much the same as before.


The two kids, rushed to Ashley and hugged her, one on each side.

"Boys, come and see your new bedrooms. Daddy prepared these for you. I think you'll really like them," Ashley said with a sweet smile.

She held their hands and led them to their rooms.

As they entered the nearest one, Richard looked around in awe, surprised at how big it was. On the other hand, Fabio just glanced at the room indifferently. He didn't care what the room looked like or how big it was.

All he wanted was to be with his mother all the time.

"Mommy, won't I be sleeping with you?" Fabio asked with a frown, obviously not happy with this arrangement.

"Okay, you can sleep beside me if you want," Ashley said as she touched Fabio's head, "But it won't hurt to have your own bedroom, right? You're already four years old. You're techni


'Who would be calling at this time?' she thought.

Ashley took out her cell phone. When she saw Chloe's picture on the screen she suddenly understood what was happening.

The day before, Chloe asked her what time her flight was. 'She must have calculated it and guessed that we have arrived by now, ' Ashley sighed.

Sliding the call on, she answered Chloe's video call through WeChat.

Once the phone was connected, Chloe showed up on the screen, casually sitting on a swing.

"Ashley, have you arrived already?

Wow! The two kids are there too?"

When she saw the two boys lying beside Ashley, she called out to them excitedly.

"Aunt Chloe!"

they exclaimed in unison.

"Hello, you two!"

"Go get some rest now," Ashley said to them, seeing how tired they were, "I'm just going to have a quick talk with your Aunt Chloe, okay? I'll be back as soon as I'm done."

They nodded obediently and fell asleep beside Ashley.

"Were you just about to sleep?" Chloe asked as she raised her brow.

"Yeah. We just got off the plane. I'm a little tired. Plus the boys wanted me to sleep beside them," Ashley answered.

"Andrew is not with you now?"

She was surprised as she didn't see Andrew.

After all, the whole time Andrew was in N Country, no matter where Ashley went, he always followed her closely.

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