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   Chapter 758 Miss The Opportunity

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Dany felt uncertain about what was happening in front of her. The only thing she knew was that she wanted to be treated as gently as the boy in front her.

Dany had never met her mother. Although Cayn had always been nice to her, she still longed for her mother's love.

"What's up, Dany? Honey?"

Cayn turned Dany's face towards him. He knew exactly what had caught the girl's attention.

"I want my mommy,"

Dany said while she clung unto Cayn's arms.

Cayn was at a loss for words.

Mommy? Where could he find a mom for Dany, now?

"Daddy, please tell me the truth. Did mommy leave because you two had a fight?"

Dany grilled Cayn and examined him with her innocent eyes.

"No, honey. That is not true."

Cayn would never use a scapegoat for that. It's true he had a few partners in his life, but he never got married. That was why Dany grew up without a mother.

Besides, the women who wanted to be Dany's mom were not really qualified.

Dany turned around and ignored her father for the rest of the flight. Cayn had no idea that Dany was mad at him.

Was it because she had no mommy?

It was rather difficult for Cayn to find a mom for Dany.

Suddenly, Dany turned to her father and said, "I don't want any of those women you've dated to be my mother, either. Stop lying to me, Dad." It was as if she had read Cayn's mind.

Several years ago, Cayn found a woman to pretend to be Dany's natural mother and take care of her. However, the woman did not last long. Dany found out that woman was just a fake mother.

"No. How could I let any of those women be your mother? Never again!" Cayn leaned forward and pulled his beloved daughter back in his arms as he reassured her.

Half an hour later, they had reached J City. Dany and Cyan got off the plane ahead of Ashley as she had two kids to look after.

A car was already waiting for Ashley and her family right at the airport gate. Ashley, Andrew and the kids could immediately get in the car and leave, while Alice an

eat of the vehicle.

The car slowly drove to the Golden Palace. Seeing the familiar place she had lived before, it was as if the emptiness in her heart was finally filled.

Finally, she was back again, after such a huge change in her life.

Ever since Ashley left J City, Andrew no longer lived in the Golden Place again. He either stayed at the office or lived in another house.

For him, all the memories of the Golden Palace only brought pain.

He couldn't stand that he was alone in the house that they should be sharing, while Ashley was out there somewhere.

He was afraid that he would lose control, once again.

Although no one lived here, he made sure that it was well maintained. That was why place was in tip-top shape when Ashley and the kids arrived.

Johnny knew why Ashley left. But before he found out the truth behind it, he felt sorry for his master and blamed Ashley for it.

Having been Andrew's assistant for years, it was his first time to see Andrew utterly devastated. Without Ashley, Andrew was a mere shell of his former self.

When Johnny learned about the frame up that Ashley suffered, it was easy for him to forgive her. After all, she was also a victim.

It was time for everything to go back to normal. The rest would be buried in the past and forgotten. It was a happy ending anyway.

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