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   Chapter 757 Let's Go Home Together

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6752

Updated: 2020-06-24 16:49

Ashley still remembered going back to J City with Alice to attend to business matters. This time however, she was moving back to J City for good. It was a completely different experience.

Together with her beloved family, Ashley felt only warmth in her heart this time.

With regards to Alice, Ashley thought it best to bring her along. After all, Alice had worked for her for more than four years, and she was familiar with the work Ashley had been giving her. It would take Ashley a lot of time and effort to find someone like her.

It was more convenient to have Alice come along and relocate to J City.

On the plane, the family of four sat together. Their faces alone attracted a lot of attention from other passengers.

Despite the stares, they didn't seem to care about anything around them aside from each other.

"Mommy, will we live in J City from now on? Won't we go back to N Country again?"

Fabio asked curiously as he looked up at Ashley.

His face was full of reluctance.

After all, he was suddenly told leave the familiar home he had lived for four years. It was natural for Fabio to have separation anxiety.

"Don't you want to live in J City?"

Ashley asked in a gentle voice.

Ashley had told Richard and Fabio about moving to J City and they both agreed. But, that didn't mean they that wouldn't miss their original home.

"I can live anywhere as long as I'm with mom,"

Fabio said as he rested his head on Ashley's arm.

Andrew just stared at Fabio coldly. For some weird reason, he felt jealous every time his own kid was close to Ashley. He would have thrown Fabio away if Ashley hadn't glared and winked at him.

"That's sweet," Ashley said as she stroked Fabio's hair.

"Mom grew up in J City. And I want to show you my hometown. Besides, going back to J City doesn't mean we'll never go back to N Country again. We still have Grandma and Grandpa and your baby uncle there. We can visit them when we have time,"

Ashley explained carefully to Fabio, her voice

though there was a bitter look on his face, he still looked as handsome as ever.

"Well, I don't know if that's true. But it seems to me that you've been holding a grudge against me, little missy," Cayn said with a straight face.

Dany blinked her eyes and held him in her arms, "No, daddy. Although you have a lot of bad habits, you are really nice to me. You love me so much that you do everything yourself for me. Besides, you love me with all your heart. So, I love you most, Daddy."

Then, she reached up and planted a kiss on each of his cheeks.

Just like that, the heaviness that Cayn was feeling all disappeared.

He held Dany in his arms and kissed the top of her small head.

Jorah only looked at them in silence.

It wasn't the first time that Jorah had seen such scenario between the father and daughter. One moment, they would get into some sort of argument and then make up the next second.

Jorah only thought Cayn was raising his wife rather than a daughter because he was too good to Dany.

But he dared not say it out loud.

He wanted to live a few more years. Besides, who was he to say something like that? He was only Cayn's assistant after all.

After being in Cayn's arms for a short while, Dany went back to her own seat and looked back to watch the nice family near her, her eyes wide and curious.

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