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   Chapter 754 Scrupulousness

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6299

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Ashley had gone back to the villa with Andrew. Before that, she left a message for Zen.

She had left Fabio and Richard at home without telling them where she went. What's more, she thought it would be best to give her parents some private time together.

Seeing Ashley's message, Zen let out a chuckle. "Sensible girl," he muttered.

"What's funny?" Cynthia asked.

"It's nothing. Ash and Andrew have gone back home. Shall we go now?"

Considering that Cynthia was pregnant, Zen drove very slowly.

It took them a while longer getting back to the villa than driving to the hospital.

As soon as the car stopped in front of the villa, Zen got off first and opened the door for Cynthia, gently helping her out the car.

As she got out, Zen paid scrupulous attention to her. He was acting like a dutiful guard protecting the queen.

Even Cynthia herself was amused by Zen's behavior. But she felt very warm in her heart. "I'm not that weak. You don't have to help me all the way like that."

"No way! You are pregnant now. You must be careful in everything you do from now on."

Zen helped Cynthia into the villa.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Andrew were leisurely slouched on the sofa with Fabio and Richard right beside them.

"Mommy, why haven't Grandpa and Grandma come back yet?"

Ashley rubbed his head and replied, "Grandma is pregnant now, but she is in the hospital with grandpa. I think they'll be back soon."

"Grandma is pregnant? Will we have a younger sister? Mommy, I want a little sister. No more brothers."

Ashley was amused by his innocent remarks. She opened her mouth and was about to have a good talk with Fabio. But before she could reply, Cynthia's voice could be heard through the door.

"It's not going to be a brother or sister for you, Fabio. It's going to be either your uncle or aunt."


Zen opened the door and Cynthi

he study, Ashley turned to face Zen. "Dad, I remember, you have once told me that mom's family already know where you live. She's pregnant now. Although we have a guard to keep them off, who knows what might happen when you're away at work?

So, I am wondering if you two would like to move... find another place to live. After all, we can't afford to let her go through any stress since she is in such a critical condition. If her family finds her, it will not be good for her health."

Ashley had been thinking about this since she came back from the hospital.

It didn't matter if Cynthia was pregnant or not. She needed to take care of her physical and emotional well-being nonetheless. Her pregnancy just made the matter more urgent, and her mood must be smooth to avoid any possibility of a miscarriage. This child would be Zen and Cynthia's most precious treasure. What's more, this was also Ashley's future sibling -- she didn't want anything unpleasant to happen to it, especially when it could be avoided.

She wouldn't allow any accidents to happen.

Moreover, everything about Ashley's company had almost been sorted out, and she could go back to J City at any time. So, Ashley planned to see it done while she was still in N Country.

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