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   Chapter 753 Cynthia Was Truly Pregnant

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Updated: 2020-06-22 11:27

Who knew when Cynthia's family would stop asking her for money in such a shameless way?

They spoke in a low voice, trying not to disturb Cynthia.

Although they were talking, Zen had had his eyes glued to his wife the entire time. Suddenly, Cynthia's eyelashes moved a bit.

"You are wake!" his voice trembled with excitement.

Cynthia opened her eyes in a daze and looked around the strange surroundings.

She remembered she was in the living room, walking arm in arm with Ashley. Then she remembered a sharp pain in her head and then she forgot what happened next.

'Am I... in a hospital?'

It took Cynthia's utmost strength to sit up on the bed. Zen hurriedly supported her back and asked with much concern, "Honey, how are you feeling now? Are you feeling uncomfortable?"

Cynthia shook her head, "I'm fine. Why am I here?"

"Mom, you suddenly fainted at home. Dad was scared out of his mind. We all were," Ashley explained.

Cynthia couldn't remember what had happened. She only had the memory that she was walking downstairs with Ashley then everything went a blank.

Cynthia looked at Zen who was guarding her and saw his worried face. "Don't worry. I'm fine now," she comforted him.

Watching this, Ashley and Andrew suddenly felt like they were outsiders.

Silently, Ashley held Andrew's hand and walked out of the ward with him.

As soon as Ashley walked out of the ward, she gave Andrew a big smile. "Andrew, it's good to know that Dad and Mom will be having their own child now. Their dream has come true."

Andrew looked at Ashley's happy face and replied airily, "That's true."

In the ward.

Seeing that Ashley and Andrew had left, Zen immediately held Cynthia in his arms.

Actually, he had wanted to do that earl


Zen said with a warm smile.

"So why did I suddenly pass out earlier?"

"The doctor said that you were probably too exhausted. Don't worry. I'll take care of everything for you. The most important thing for you now is to take good care of the baby."


Cynthia looked at her belly affectionately.

Now, she would become a mother. She began to have a warm, glowing feeling from the bottom of her heart, something that she had never felt before.

'We're going to have a baby!' she thought, still pleasantly shocked from the news.

But it had been only two months, it hasn't taken shape yet.

Subconsciously, Cynthia stretched out her hands and touched her lower abdomen.

"Can we go back now? I don't want to stay in the hospital any longer." The smell of the hospital disinfectant caused Cynthia discomfort in her head and nose.

"Let me check. Wait for me. I'll be right back," Zen said with the utmost urgency.

Now, the only thing important for Zen was taking care of Cynthia and their unborn baby.

After a brief moments, Zen came back. "The doctor told me we can go home now. But you still need to take it easy though, okay?"

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