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   Chapter 752 Trouble

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6262

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Hearing the nurse's cold words, Zen came back to his senses and glared coldly at the nurse who had just jumped to conclusions.

"Have an abortion?

Who said that?

This is my baby. Why would I want to have it killed?

Who said I wanted an abortion?"

Zen sneered. The nurse's words had completely spoiled his short-lived good mood. He and Cynthia had longed to have their own baby a long time. An abortion was out of the question!

As a veteran who had been immersed in the commercial circles for half of his lifetime, the aggressive aura exuding from Zen was sending chills down the nurse's spine. "I... didn't you say that..." the nurse stammered.

"When? When did I say that?"

The nurse thought hard, and found that Zen was right. He didn't say anything about an abortion.

But why were these people reacting strangely when she told them the news about Cynthia's pregnancy? It's so easy to be misunderstood.

Besides, it was not the first time that she had been in such a situation. She had seen many couples who had no love for babies. Those kinds of people showed the same expression as what Zen, Andrew and Ashley did.

"How is she now? Is she awake? Do you know why she suddenly passed out? Is she okay?" Zen asked, setting aside his annoyance towards the nurse.

The nurse tried to regain her composure.

Zen's reaction made sense now.

"The patient is fine now. She has been too tired these past few days. Moreover, women who get pregnant naturally get weaker. We advise that she avoid strenuous activities. Such as... you know..."

The nurse stuttered, her face red with embarrassment.

The young nurse had never been in love. She couldn't bear to say it out loud.

Both Zen and Cynthia looked younger than their actual ages because they were well maintained. It wouldn't be hard to believe if someone said that Ashley and Cynthia wer


But eventually, she could no longer endure the pressure and the stress as they began treating her more like a bank rather than a family member.

This made Cynthia quite sad.

Ashley furrowed her brows as soon as she heard what Zen said, feeling annoyed at how Cynthia was being treated. "Just ignore them," she said.

Zen replied, "She did. But they got our address. They would go to the house and bother Cynthia when I went to work. You know Cynthia looks weak on the outside. But she is actually pretty tough and determined."

Then Zen told the rest of the story.

Cynthia's family was a huge burden in her heart that didn't go away. That's why she got exhausted.

"Kick them out!"

Andrew, who was listening all this time, said coldly.

Ashley felt helpless. If Andrew were Cynthia, she was sure that he would do it without any second thoughts.

Ashley replied, "Actually, it's not that serious. We can just find another place, or we can tell the guard outside not to let them in if they come again."

But Zen just stared at Andrew, seeming to think about what he suggested.

Actually, it was a good idea.

Cynthia had done everything she could do to help her family these years. But her family had gone too far.

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