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   Chapter 751 A Surprise Packet

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There wasn't anything that the rich families wouldn't do to get what they wanted.

In this sense, Cynthia felt that she needed to remind Ashley to be careful.

Ashley and Cynthia's conversation lasted a while as she gave advice to her daughter. She was sharing her experiences so that other people wouldn't easily bully or take advantage of Ashley.

Of course, Ashley was not a pushover.

After a satisfying talk, they went down the stairs together arm in arm

like two loving sisters.

Frankly speaking, Cynthia was not old at all considering she was only 42 years old.

She got married with Zen at the age of 28. But Zen started from scratch to build his jewelry empire.

It wasn't easy at first. Born into a rich family, her family members went against their marriage because they thought Zen was only after their wealth.

But who could tell what was right or wrong in a relationship other than the two people who were in it?

As a noble lady from a prominent family, it was truly a shock to everyone that Cynthia had the guts to steal her household register and marry Zen. However, stealing the household register was the best decision she had ever made in her life.

Of course, Cynthia chose the right man. Although they had been together for so long, their love was as sweet as it was in the beginning. Moreover, Zen was especially nice to Cynthia. It was possible that he treated her so well because she demeaned herself to marry to him who was a poor boy at that time.

As soon as they came to the living room, Ashley saw Andrew and was about to greet him. But Cynthia suddenly fainted and fell backwards.

Fortunately, Ashley was holding Cynthia. She quickly leaned sideways and supported her mother.

"Mom! Oh my god, are you okay?"

Ashley called out, her voice trembling as she was horrified by what just happened.



The nurse took off her mask, looked at Zen and smiled. "Congratulations," the nurse said. "Your wife is pregnant."


Zen was totally stunned, his mouth agape.


Did he hear it right?

"Cynthia is pregnant?

How could it be?"

They had waited almost half a lifetime, but no matter how much they tried, they couldn't get a child of their own. They had almost given up on a child. But now... the nurse just said... Cynthia was pregnant?


Ashley was also surprised by the nurse's words.

During her conversation with Cynthia, she had also spilled out her secrets to her.

That was why Ashley envied the relationship between Cynthia and Zen. Although they couldn't have a child, it wasn't an obstacle that came between them.

"Umm... Hello?"

Noticing that no one responded, the nurse asked with doubt.

'Don't they want to have a baby?' she thought.

When Zen carried Cynthia here in a hurry, his face was full of anxiety. But why did he act like this when he heard such wonderful news?

The nurse's face turned cold.

"The patient is still weak," she said. "If you don't want this baby right now, it is not good for her health to have an abortion right at this moment."

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