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   Chapter 750 I Trust You

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Ashley had spent the last five years of her life here, and Cynthia and Zen had done nothing but treat her very well.

Therefore, the thought of leaving N Country so soon, pained her.

If it weren't for the love and care Cynthia and Zen had shown her, she wouldn't have lasted in this place at all.

"Don't worry. Everything has been settled," Andrew said softy as he hugged Ashley, "Don't you trust me?"

She definitely believed in him wholeheartedly. It was safe to say that he was the only one she would never doubt in this world.

"What did you say? How did you get my parents to agree?" Ashley was a little surprised. She didn't tell them anything about it last night because she was afraid that they wouldn't agree. After all, she had been together with them for so long, and she knew what kind of people they were.

"Well, that's a secret."

Hearing this, Ashley's brow creased a line. It was the first time that Andrew was keeping a secret from her.

"Fine. I have no interest in knowing it,"

Ashley scoffed as she crossed her arms over her chest.

With a smile, Andrew stepped closer to her.

It was a pleasant weekend. Ashley could at least spend time with Cynthia and Zen right now. She had been too busy with her company affairs and had been taking care of the boys. Spending some time with her parents was one of her little pleasures in life, even if they just sat there quietly and didn't say anything. This was the happy life Ashley longed for.

Watching TV alone wasn't that enjoyable for her, no matter how great the show may be. But when she was with her family, it was always a wonderful experience for her, even if they were just watching the network news broadcast.

The people that one holds dearest really makes life better.

As the saying goes: no man is an island.


worry. Of course I'll listen to you. You are my mom and you will be my beloved mom forever," Ashley added.

"Andy has told me that you will be moving to J City. But you still have to come back often by then. If he doesn't treat you well, you can call us any time. Ash, you should know that we are your strongest support. You can always call me no matter what happens. Don't make yourself suffer, okay?"

"Yes, I know. Wherever I am, I will come back to visit you. You and Dad... You're my family."

Ashley felt a lump in her throat and tears in her eyes.

But she was quick to hide her head in Cynthia's arms before she noticed.

In fact, Ashley felt lucky to come here because she had her beloved parents, her good friends and her adoring children.

"You lived in J City before and you are familiar with that city, so you don't need my advice. But you have to remember that you're the daughter of the Fu family, and you're no worse than anyone. Let us know if anyone dares to bully you."

Even though Cynthia didn't know much about the feud among the rich families, she knew the tricks of the rich as she was born one. Because of this, she thought it was quite necessary to give Ashley some advice.

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