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   Chapter 713 Surprise Shock

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Deep in the night, after tossing and turning in bed for a while, Ashley was finally getting into a dream state, when she felt someone holding her tightly. She reluctantly tried to open one eye while shielding her face from the bright light bedside lamp. She could see his prominent eye bags since he had been very busy and working too hard in the past few days.

"Hey, how are you? You are back?"

"Yes. But don't mind me. Go back to sleep." Andrew looked down at her and patted her head affectionately.

"Well, since you're already here, I want to let you know that Fabio and I will be going back to N Country tomorrow."

"Okay, got it. Get back to sleep, it's late."

Ashley was too exhausted and sleepy to hold a coherent conversation. So as soon as she informed him properly, she slowly closed her eyes and slipped back into deep sleep.

When Ashley woke up the next morning, Andrew was nowhere to be found. The cold sheets and a lack of his usual musky cologne were a clear indication that she was the only on in the bedroom. Ashley was a bit disappointed, because she didn't know what time Andrew got up or when he left. He didn't even leave a note to say where he was going.


Fabio saw Ashley and jumped up and down in excitement as he rushed over and jumped into her arms. For the past few days, every time he woke up, he would be alone in the house. It was quite a pleasant surprise for him to wake up and see his mommy beside him.

Ashley barely caught him on time before he fell.

"You know that we are going back today, right? Do you have something you would like to take back with you? I can help you arrange them."

Ashley hugged Fabio closer to her as she asked him.

Fabio shook his head and answered, "No, I don't think so."

He came here with nothing. Everything that he had in this place were also available back home so he saw no need to take home anything with him.

"Where is Tony? Has he gone back yet?"

"Yeah, he has already gone back. He told me to inform you but I forgot to do that."

"All right."

Ashley had nothing to pack either because all her belongings were still in the hotel. Alice had packed them all for her.

After getting her things ready, Ashley took Fabio to Andrew's office but when they got there, Andrew and Johnny were nowhere to be found.

Instead, she ran into Amaia, whom she hadn't seen in a while. They chatted animatedly for some time. Amaia seemed to like Fabio and did a lot of things to keep him entertained.

"Wow! It has been ages since I last saw you. It must have been five years and now you even have a child. This child must be the son of our CEO, am I right?

in a daze until they got on the plane. 'Why is he boarding with us?

And why is sitting right next to me?'

After sitting down, Ashley couldn't help but ask, "What happened to you? Why are you here?"

"What do you think I have been busy with in the past few days? You heartless little thing."

Ashley touched her finger to his mouth trying desperately to make him speak quietly and took a look at the direction where Alice was sitting. Alice turned Fabio's head and looked away, indicating that she saw nothing.

"So you have been busy trying to get yourself ready to go to N Country with me?" Ashley asked.


"Are you considering moving the Lu Group to N Country and venture into a new country?"

"Why not? Do you think it is impossible?"

Andrew retorted. Anyway, he wasn't planning on being separated with Ashley now, no matter what happened.

Ashley put her hand on her forehead and sighed.

"You know, there is no need for you to go into such lengths. I can go back to J City with you. You've been in the Lu Group for so many years, and the Lu Group has developed deep-rooted business relations in J City. Have you even considered the board? Will they agree to your proposal to move the Lu Group to N Country so suddenly?"

"Well, we don't need their consent."

He could do whatever he wanted as the president of his company.

'Well, it's your funeral.'

Ashley couldn't say another word to Andrew.

But deep down in her heart, Ashley was moved. She pinched Andrew's hand and said, "You don't have to go to N Country simply to accompany me. I can always go back to J City. Besides, I never planned to set my business in N Country permanently. I have been working so hard because I hoped to stand on equal footing with you in J City."

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