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   Chapter 712 Don't You Want To Come Back

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"You are the first lady in the entire J City. More than that, you are the daughter of the Feng Group, and men would die to be with you. Why do you have to keep yourself in hot water because of one man?" After thinking for a while, Ashley finally got the words to say to Lesley––at least to comfort her.

"I know, I finally understand it now. But now it was he who put himself in a difficult situation because of you,"

Lesley joked, flashing a grin on her luscious lips.

"That's true, but everything's okay now. We're in a good place," replied Ashley, returning a warm smile.

"Well, I should go now. Remember to come to my wedding."

"I will," Ashley uttered, nodding at Lesley, who was now preparing to leave.

While Ashley stared at her back to send her away, Lesley suddenly turned around to face the former again. With a deep breath, she walked to Ashley and held her tightly, as if implying something.

"What's wrong?" Ashley asked, confused.

Frowning, Lesley answered, "I remembered something just now."

"What is it? Is it about me?"

Lesley nodded, and with the phone in her hand, she showed Ashley the photos which Angelina snapped. "Look at these pictures."

The instant her eyes landed on the screen, Ashley immediately recognized the photographs. They were taken when she signed a contract with Lick. "Where did you get these?"

she asked while her eyes were still intently glued on the bright screen.

Although Lesley didn't like Ashley for being her rival, the former didn't have the heart to lie this time. As a changed woman, she felt the need to tell her the truth.

"Angelina captured and gave them to me."

Seeing how Ashley furrowed her brows in confusion, Lesley continued, "Do you know Andrew's close friend Jeremy? She has been adopted by his family. I don't know why she's hostile to you and why she gave me these photos. Perhaps she thought that I still liked Andrew, and thought I'd use them to take revenge on you."

"Did she really do that?" Although she had a faint memory now, Ashley still remembered how Angelina left a good impression on her.

The woman even helped her before. How could she possibly do that?

"What? You don't believe me?"

"No, no! It's not that. Look, I appreciate your honesty, Lesley. I am just wondering why she seems to be after me now."

"I don't know. Maybe she likes Andrew?" Lesley shrugged her shoulders and said jokingly.

"How could it be?" That revelation almost sucked all the energy out

t time they had been separated for so long ever since she adopted him.

"Yes, I'll be back tomorrow, Dad. I promise. Where's Richard? Is he with you now? I want to talk to him."

"Yes, just a moment."

After waiting for a while, Ashley finally heard Richard's lively voice over the phone. "Mommy!" he greeted excitedly.

Soon enough, a broad smile crept onto Ashley's lips, thankful to hear Richard's voice.

"Behave well, honey. Mommy will be back tomorrow. Be a good boy, and do what your grandparents tell you to do, okay? Remember to study hard. I will check on you once I'm back," Ashley said with the most tender loving voice she could muster.

"Mommy, you know I am a good boy, and I behave quite well. I miss you."

"I miss you, too. I will come back as soon as I finish my work here. I'll see you soon, okay?"


After talking to Richard for a while, Ashley finally hung up the phone.

Richard was a very sensible and obedient child, so Ashley trusted him enough that she could be away from him for a very long time without any worries.

'It seemed that I really have to go back now, ' she thought, heaving a sigh as her fingers brushed through the screen of her phone.

Right away, she called Alice and asked her to book a plane ticket for the next day.

The latter, who had been waiting for such orders, was so excited that she almost jumped to her feet!

Only God knew how exhausted she had been on this trip while Ashley was enjoying spending time with Andrew.

'Finally! I thought she almost forgot about me, ' Alice happily thought as she rummaged through the airline's website, searching for a flight to book.

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