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   Chapter 691 Go For Mommy

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7256

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Inside the Henyu hotel, Fabio was remarkably well dressed and sitting on the bed. He suddenly said like a spoiled child, "Brother, please take me to see my mother. Can you do that? I really miss my mom."

Staring at the little boy who resembled Ashley quite a bit, Tony had a sudden urge to say yes, but finally he shook his head. That wouldn't have been right.

"Sorry kiddo. Don't forget that you came here secretly. If you visit your mom, she will find out and will be angry with you. She might not talk with you for a while after this."

Fabio was shocked by Tony's words. "Really? Is that true?"

"Of course," Tony nodded seriously.

Tony had come to work in the Fu Group right after his graduation, which Ashley knew was only a little while ago. But she also recalled that Tony's major wasn't related to jewelry or design at all.

She had no idea why he had changed careers.

But no matter what his major was, Tony worked really hard in the Fu Group. He had received tremendous appreciation from the design department, and President Zen himself had begun paying a lot more attention to him. Most likely, it was because he had found out that Tony was Ashley's neighbor and always kept an eye on her.

The truth was, Zen was really worried about Ashley since she was alone in J City. So Tony was told to come in secret and keep track of her. They had checked into different hotels altogether, so Ashley had no knowledge of it at all.

As for Fabio, he had heard from somewhere that Tony was going to J City, and he also knew that his mother was on a business trip there, so he begged Tony to bring him along.

After leaving a letter in Zen's house, Fabio constantly pestered Tony until the latter was forced to say yes.

But now, Tony could only put a hand on his forehead as he watched Fabio in front of him.

Was he crazy? Why did he promise to bring the child with him?

Zen and Cynthia had immediately called Tony when they had found Fabio's letter. But by then, the duo had already arrived in J City. Fabio insisted that he wasn't going anywhere until he was with his mother, so Zen had to no choice but to agree to let him stay.

Those wa

r strange, he would buy it. He had bought several kinds of snacks and other stuff for himself and also for his mom.

When he found something delicious, he would memorize that place by looking at it up and down. He was going to bring his mother here if they got the opportunity.

Time passed and after a long while, he began to feel the soreness in his legs. Now, he had no idea how long he had been walking. He could hardly stand on his feet. Finally, he found a place to sit down and rest.

"Where is mom now? Shall I call her? I should call her.

No, I shouldn't. She will be angry if she finds out that I am here."

Fabio resisted the urge the very moment it came to his mind.

He was afraid that Ashley would get angry and he certainly didn't want to make his mother angry.

Just then, he accidentally dialed Ashley's number. Fortunately he was able to cancel the call in time.

Fabio swallowed nervously and murmured, "Will my mother see that? I hope not. After all, she is usually so busy."

He put his phone back in his pocket.

At that exact, same time, Andrew was sitting in front of a café. He was absorbed in some sort of business related discussion with a man sitting across him.

All of a sudden, the cell phone in his pocket rang. Andrew knew it was not his phone.

He brought it out of his pocket and cast a casual glance at the screen. But the casual glance immediately turned dim when he saw the caller ID!

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