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   Chapter 689 A Big Misunderstanding

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6095

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But why? Why did someone intentionally try to upset him!

Andrew took a pack of cigarettes out of the drawer. He had been keeping them there for a long time.

He hadn't felt the need to smoke since Ashley came back.

Andrew lit up a cigarette, his fingers trembling uncontrollably. At the thought of the words he had just seen on the screen, his heart wrenched in his chest.

Of course, Ashley, who was on the phone in the bathroom, was completely unaware of what Andrew was thinking.

As soon as Ashley answered the phone, a soft voice sounded in her ears. "Mommy!"

"My sweetheart, what's up? Do you miss Mommy?"

Sitting on the bed, Fabio heard his mother's soft and gentle voice from the other end of the line. Instantly, he was immersed in bliss.

"Mommy, where are you? I miss you so much. Can I come to you?"

Fabio talked as he played with the plush toy in his hand. It was a cute white tiger that Ashley had bought him.

Fabio took this toy with him wherever he went.

Hearing that Fabio wanted to come to her, Ashley refused immediately, "Fabio, I am on a business trip now, but I will be back in a few days. You should keep your grandparents company and don't let them worry about you. Do you understand? You don't need to come and see me. I'll be back in a few days."

Disappointed, Fabio pouted his lips. Knowing that Ashley couldn't see his expression, he continued, "But, mom, I miss you so much. When will you come back?"

"Very soon. I have to earn a living. Otherwise, how will I raise you? Be a good boy. Mommy will bring you some delicious treats when I come back. The one who is the most obedient will get the most treats."

"I can give you money, mom," Fabio declared.

He was rich now. He could pay his mother so she didn't have to go on a business trip or even need to work

ore had vanished.

She didn't know how long his passions continued but even her voice became hoarse. After Ashley passed out, Andrew still didn't stop.

At last, Andrew looked at Ashley who was lying under him. Her beautiful little face was streaked with tears now, and her lips were swollen and bloody from being bitten by him.

Again, he took out her cellphone and used her fingertip to unlock it and saw again the caller ID 'kiss my honey.'

His pupils shrank again.

He was right.

It was this name.

He was right. His eyes became sharp like broken shards of crystal.

Andrew ever wanted to delete that number and then block it.

But he didn't.

Staring at the number and, finally, he dialed it.

While he listened to the phone ringing, he didn't show any sign of anxiety or any other emotions on his face. Stone faced, he waited.

He just listened to the ringing without making a sound and didn't know if someone would answer.

"Hello? Umm, is something the matter?"

a young male voice answered the phone in no time at all.

Andrew's dark eyes firmly stared at the mobile phone, as if he wanted his eyes to pierce through the phone to see the person on the other end of the line!

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