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   Chapter 687 A Sense Of Security

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Andrew was quick to respond, aggressively pushing Amaia away.

He was so forceful that the latter was thrown into Johnny's arms at the exact moment he opened Andrew's office.

Amaia grunted lightly as her face hit Johnny's rock-hard chest.

'Great! Now that Mrs. Lu is back, she could definitely do something about our president's attitude problem, ' Johnny thought, pushing Amaia slightly away from him and on her feet.

He had a lot to say to Ashley, mostly complaints about his boss, who for him, happened to be her former husband.

Working for Andrew all these years had been nothing but torture. Ever since Ashley left, Andrew seemed to have become more and more irritated at almost everything. Even the smallest mistakes of his employees never went unnoticed.

But now that Ashley was back, Johnny thought it would be a great idea to take advantage of her presence into softening his cold-hearted boss.

"Ashley, is that you?" Standing up straight, Amaia rushed to Ashley's location, but she was suddenly stopped on her tracks.

She couldn't come near the latter when Andrew stood beside her, towering like a bouncer.

Noticing how his boss reacted, Johnny hurriedly grabbed Amaia by her arms, quite annoyed at her instinctive behavior.

As a result, she landed back in his grip again. This time, though, Johnny held her even tighter.

Amaia glared at him with her sharp, grim eyes as she brushed off his arms, struggling to break free from his straining grip.

"Yes. It's me, Amaia," Ashley's soft voice stopped her from moving.

"Where have you been all these years? Do you know how much we've missed you? We've been looking for you like crazy!

When I heard that the president brought a woman into his office, I figured it would be you since he never really brought any woman here, except you. And I was right!"

Andrew's eyes suddenly softened as he heard Amaia's words.

It was good for her to speak of Andrew's loyalty to Ashley, and frankly, it was beyond the latter's expectation.

Ashley, on the other hand, was also excited to see Amaia. She was, after all, one of the few people in the company who had helped her a lot.

"I'm sorry for leaving without saying anything. But look, I'm back now, aren't I? I'll explain everything once we free up some the time, Amaia," Ashley said with a smile, stepping forward to hug her.

However, before she could even touch Amaia's fingers, Andrew grabbed her from behind and jerked her to his arms.

Feeling his tight grip, Ashley could only give Amaia a faint smile, assuring her that she would find time to chat with her.

For now, she was all Andrew's. Her time, her attention, and her presence were allotted to him and only him.

No one could take up a

He remembered that she once told him how she liked a man who could cook, At that time, he only knew how to prepare breakfast.

So in the years that she was gone, he devoted much of his time improving his cooking skills.

Every night, he would prepare a bountiful meal, imagining that Ashley was sitting right across him on the table. He even talked to himself as if he was talking to her.

"Andy, what's wrong?"

Ashley called out his name several times, but he was just lost in a trance, remembering the past.



Stretching out her hands, she took his hand and lightly shook him.

Andrew slightly shook his head, not believing that the woman he loved and lost was again in front of him after so many years. At last, this one was not a dream. It was real!

Coming back to his senses, Andrew held her tightly, drawing a deep breath as he buried his face on her neck. The tingling sensation turned Ashley's cheeks red as a smile crept onto her lips.

While tightly wrapping his arms around her waist, Andrew swore to find whoever drove Ashley away from him.

He'd never forgive the psychopath who broke them apart, and he won't ever let that happen again.

Closing his eyes, Andrew tightened his grip on Ashley's waist.

His arms were so rigid that she could barely breathe.

"Andrew..." she tried to struggle to break free from his embrace.

Hearing Ashley almost choking, his grip loosened a bit.

Then, he raised his head to stare deep into her eyes.

Seeing how delicate his face was, Ashley finally understood what he was feeling right at that moment. The man she loved lacked a sense of security. Evidently, he was afraid that she would again vanish into thin air without a trace.

'That will never happen again, ' she thought to herself as she stared right back into his eyes.

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